Sunday, April 22, 2012

Maya's 4th Birthday Party

 Look at this beaut!


 Can you believe she is 4? DSC_0986

This year Maya's party was completely different the others we have celebrated in the past.  It wasn't a huge all of our friends with their kids invited event.  This year, it was a girls only ballet party at a dance studio, Turning Pointe.  Maya got to pick who she wanted to invite this year, and she has such sweet friends!

I loved loved loved having a party somewhere else, seriously BEST IDEA EVER!  It made it so much more fun for me because I did not have to be in charge.  All I did was make the cupcakes and party favors and the rest was done by Miss Jennifer (the dance professional)!

Maya could not contain her excitement and asked all day if it was time to go to her party.


All decorations and party favors hand made by mama mayafour1

Let's get started with some stretching mayafour2

Ready to get started

 Oh My GOODNESS! This little Cora (only 17 months old) was one of the highlights of the party, she wanted to jump in and dance with all of the big girls and she was even following Miss Jennifer's instruction


 Look how SWEET she is! DSC_0924

 Introducing all of the cuties mayafour3



and of course the princess of the show

They all did such a great job listening DSC_0885

and they danced away

that's me with el camera DSC_0879

ok everyone, now close your eyes mayafour5

What is on your head?
Norah you are peaking...


love their little feet

Taysen just taken a little break DSC_0930

I thought Norah did really well, and she had so much fun!! DSC_0890

although, she did get slightly distracted a few times DSC_0929

Time For Happy Birthdays DSC_0948

so dainty with her cupcake now

all of the girls had to huddle around while maya opened gifts DSC_0971

Group Photo, seriously they are all sooo cute!

 DSC_0981 DSC_0822 

 Look how much you have grown! maya1234


  1. How beautiful! What a wonderful idea for a party. The girls look like they had a blast and those cupcakes look delicious!

  2. What a fun idea for a birthday party!

  3. So fun. So you! Such an amazing mom. You make my heart smile.

  4. Very sweet party, Maya and Norah and all the girls looked adorable! Cannot believe she is 4!!


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