Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A few easy Easter activities

Ok, there is still more about our California trip but I just wanted to take a little break and show you a few really quick and really easy Easter activities.  They didn't take much planning and were very fun for the girls

The first activity is a Tissue Paper Cross.
It was my moms idea and it is all over the internet, but it is such an easy craft for toddlers and not messy, can work for bigger kids too!

The Supplies
1. Construction paper (any color)
2.  Contact Paper
3. Tissue Paper (I just used some from old gift bags)
4. Scissors
5. Tape

1. Cute up tissue paper into any shape or size
2.  Place a piece of contact paper, sticky side up on the table (I used tape on the corners to hold it down)
3. Cut a cross shape out of the middle of the constructions paper and place it on the contact paper 4.  Have Cute child stick tissue paper on

While the girls were doing the craft we talked about what Easter was for and how Jesus died on the cross for our sins



Easy Peasy

The 2nd Easter idea, having a Easter Egg Hunt Lunch, I got from this blogDSC_0759

The girls totally loved it.  It was super easy I just used small food items or cute up food they normally eat into small pieces.  I placed the food in the eggs and then easily hid them in the living room.
1.yogurt raisins  2. string cheese
3. pears  4. trail mix
5. pb&j sandwich  6. baby carrots

on the hunt
 DSC_0784 DSC_0783

hi mom, I want to play too DSC_0746

can we do that again?

Do you have any fun Easter activities?


  1. Cool pictures, awesome kids and lovely activities.

    Easter Activities

  2. Jenn, I did that with my girl scouts except I cut the cross so it was just the outline and stuck it on the contact paper and had the girls fill the cross with the tissue paper on the sticky contact paper. Then covered it with another piece of contact paper and it is like a stained-glass cross. :)


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