Sunday, April 1, 2012

The reason we went to California {a wedding}

Rewind to last spring, I get a phone call from one of Carrisa's friends, one whom I never met, Victoria.  She was so sweet and shared with me the exciting new of her engagement to Norah's Uncle, Brett.  Then she asked if it would be possible for Norah to be the flower girl in their wedding.  I told her I would talk with my husband, since it would require time and travel, but my first instinct was, "yes" and what an honor.

I knew that it would not be easy, or cheap, especially with 3 children.  I knew I couldn't go with Norah by myself (since I am nursing Sarah) and I didn't want to leave Maya out.  And I knew there was a pretty good chance that Brett would not be able to come (new job and school).  Most people would have told me to just skip it, but that I could not do.  Seriously people, has anything in my life ever been cheap or easy?   Some things are just worth sacrifices, time, and money, things like people.  It was important to me that Norah be a part of this, to still be a part of her ALL of her family, to feel like this is something she would have gotten to do had Carrisa been around.  I wanted her to have this memory, to share it, and even more important to be there for Brett & Victoria.

Plus, the wedding was only about 1 hour away from my Grandma (who I never get to see) and it was a great excuse to get to see her and have her meet baby Sarah.  So we booked the trip, after lots and lots of planning with my mom (we seriously could not have done this without my mom, she made yet another huge sacrifice on our behalf).

So I flew alone with the girls to Burbank, CA where my mom picked us up. And we shoved the 5 of us with all of our luggage in to a Honda Accord.  We spent a few days with Grandma, some time at the beach and then wedding time.

I had never even met Brett and Victoria until the day before they got married, it was so fun to meet them.  Victoria is seriously so beautiful!!! And they were so great to allow Norah to come as a package deal with 2 other little girls.   The also blessed us with a free night in a very nice hotel.  It was one of the most beautiful, fun, and loving weddings I have ever been too, and it was such a privilege to get to see the two of them get married.

I wish I would have been able to take more photos of the wedding time, but my hands were so full!! Even with my moms help, it was so busy.  I prayed that Norah would make it down the aisle the day of the wedding (because rehearsal day wasn't so great).  I had her practice over and over and walk like a "princess" and I had to bribe.

Isn't she precious

my little flower girl

I made the headband for Norah

Have I ever mentioned it is next to impossible to get a photo of Norah? Sure you might see a cute one of her on my blog, but it took 50 pictures to get that one good one, see

finally, kind of one
Norah's beautiful Dress was made by her grandma Phoebe!
Norah had to leave early for photos before the other girls were ready, so here are Sarah & Maya




Norah coming through the door to walk down the aisle

Norah did it though, she ran down the aisle, maybe dropping one handful of flowers, but she did it!

happy now, bribes in hand

Sarah thought it looked tasty

We hung out in the "Cry" room during the ceremony so we didn't interrupt. Right after the ceremony Victoria and Brett came in the room, I am sure they were just thrilled they got to see us first, RIGHT after they got married, ha

The beautiful Victoria with Norah


Norah with her uncle Brett

Norah cleaning up after herself

Sarah love


the reception




Maya & Norah are dancing machines

this is how I danced

Maya was very attached to emily

Miss Amelia (she has known Norah since birth, literally she was right there when Norah was born)

Hoping to be a flower girl herself someday

The Package Deal

Norah was wild the WHOLE time and then suddenly in about 2 seconds she did this

Thank you so much Victoria and Brett for allowing Norah to be part of your magical day, what an honor!
It was certainly worth it ALL!
 And thank you so much for including all of us without even knowing us, I will forever remember this time and I hope Norah does too.


  1. Haha that picture of Norah and Brett is hilarious! Glad you guys made it out!! Loved dancing with your daughters :)

  2. How fun Jenn. I love that you are so sacrificial in allowing Norah to be a part of all her family and rising to the occasion. You inspire me. I really think you should write a book someday Jenni. God can use your story in so many ways.

  3. Beautiful effort! Beautiful photos! Have no words for the underlying aspects of this trip; which are so amazing.I get it. Crowns stored up for you and Mom I'm thinking. :D
    You chose to bring life to this Day for the wedding couple and for Norah. Never forgotten.
    The girls are beautiful!!! HAIR on Sarah already! Gorgeous!
    Thankful to the Lord for you in all that pertains to Norah...and for this beautiful family. You truly are the offspring of both your parents. Blessings to you, Brett and girls!!!!!

  4. That so sweet. :-) sweet.


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