Thursday, December 27, 2012

24 names of Jesus

Along with the advent Calendar this year, I wanted to do something else a little more Christ centered on a daily basis, but easy and not beyond what a toddler could do.  So I thought, 24 days of advent, there are surely 24 names of Jesus we could do a of Jesus name each day!  Brilliant idea! So I googled "names of Jesus" and found about a million.  Then I looked on pinterest and apparently I wasn't the first person with this idea.  So I picked 24 names that I thought were more Christmas like, or that I better new what they meant so I could explain them to the girls.

It took a few runs, at first I did a name when they did the advent calendar in the morning, but there was so much excitement about the calendar the name got lost in the mix, so I thought "how about when we eat dinner with daddy, we can pick out a new name then."  That was actually a much better idea, and a good way to get dad involved regularly during the advent season.  Only problem is that there is a lot going on during Christmas time, which meant many nights we weren't home for dinner...... so we forgot a few times. SO maybe next year, at bed time?  The girls were sure the remind me if we  did forget to pick a name of Jesus and we would try to make up for it the next night.

Maya's favorite name of Jesus is Emmanuel, because there is a boy in her class with that name

All I did was print out names of Jesus in a black & red circle, cut them out and put them in a jar.  Each day the girls would take turns drawing a new name, we would explain the meaning of the name, and then we would put it on display.
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  1. A very blessed way to turn hearts toward our Lord and Savior Jesus. These creative ways you insert faith in Jesus into your daily life will remain with the girls for always.


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