Sunday, December 2, 2012

If there was one thing I could predict happening in our lives this was it

Our life has certainly been full of the unexpected, but there is one moment, although not fun, that I antcipated would be in our future  at some point, and on Friday night, while my husband was out of town, it happened.

I thought I would make the night special for the girls, "slumber party with a movie in mommy's bed!" Even I was excited.  But, I am not great with technical things and I was trying to get a movie from amazon to work on our TV upstairs.   It wouldn't work, so I went downstairs to get the computer and figure it out.  I was downstairs for maybe 5 minutes........

you know this is going somewhere not good.

I ran back up with the computer and what do I find. .....

Norah, with ALL OF HER HAIR CUT OFF!!!!!!!!

You have got to be kidding me!!! Ahhhhhhhh.  Norah, looked mortified, she knew she was caught, you can't really hide a hair chop.   Maya was mortified too, she just said, " NORAH, you DO NOT look like Rapunzle.

I just started to cry, which made Norah start to cry.  I was pretty upset.

For me it was so much disappointment.  Norah has never ever had her hair cut, the bottom of her hair was the hair from when she was a baby, from when Carrisa was her mommy.  I had in fact made an appt for Norah to get her very first special hair cut on December 9th.....  I know children do this, cut their own hair,  and I actually expected that of all my children Norah would be the one to do this.  But really, the first hair cut, the special one, the one that had been waiting 3.5 years?

And yes, to me it was bad.  It was just so chunked on one side!  My friend Lindsay came over, well, to evaluated the damage and be moral support.  She kept looking at it telling me, "it's not that bad, I have seen worse."  Such a sweet friend, so reassuring, but I couldn't get over how chunked it was on one side see


Very mullet/rocker like

I also just felt like a bad mom, I must have left the scissors on my desk, that was totally my fault. Things aren't always easy with Norah, and I am constantly praying for wisdom and understanding with her, and this was the end of a very hard day, the culmination of disappointment and failure was at a high.   Sigh....

Sorry sis, I didn't want the first cut to be this way either.

My friend Celine (who always does my hair & was scheduled to do Norahs) was out of town!! Of Course, if she was in town I would have driven Norah to her house that night, but alas, not the case.  So a friend of mine, sweet Sarah who is also a stylist came to the rescue and scheduled an appt for Norah, for Saturday.

Come Saturday morning I was feeling a lot better and just giggling and laughing at Norah, who kept saying she was a "princess" and all I could see was her chunked hair.

We did a little photo shoot



I actually really like this photo, crazy hair and all
Yep, she got to the left side too
and then we went to get her hair fixed


Sarah was sooo sweet the whole time, she kept saying, "silly silly girl"

And the After


What can I say, she is her mothers daughter and now she looks exactly like her too


  1. Trevor did this EXACT same thing when he was little!! hahah!! Go figure! We were in daycare together and he cut a huge chunk of hair out of his bangs with the scissors...traumatized everybody, too! I'm glad you were able to laugh in the end Jenni! Sounds like quite an ordeal!

    1. haha, no wonder when I told him what she did he thought it was hilarious!

  2. ..a PERfect "do". I love the way you laugh at life's little surprises. You are the FUN mom. BTW: Hair Chunking is a sign of creative genius. Yes, she is her momma's child. xox, dianna

  3. The good thing about hair is that it grows back! I know that hair is supposed to be a 'woman's crowning glory' but, on a little girl, it's a source of tears from the snarls, the bubble gum stuck at the roots, and too many expectations. You do not need long hair to be a beautiful princess.
    The real rainbow to this storm is how much Norah looks like her Mama Carrisa; beautiful!

    1. Of course it will grow back:O) and I'm kinda glad that maybe this experience is over with (we will see, you never know with 3 girls), ha

    2. She's a cutie and a mischief maker -- and you're amazing to keep it together. (your favorite photo is mine, too :) )

  4. It turned out lovely and will be the source of many stories in years to come. I like the new look!

    1. thanks wanda! she was ready for a cut, I just wasn't quite expecting it this way

  5. Poor Jenni! Yeah, that's traumatizing. Norah does look ADORABLE with her new haircut though. :-) Your friend did a good job fixing it!

    A little girl I know had long blonde hair like your girls and took scissors to it one night. Except she chopped it ALL OFF. Like, ALL. Like a boy cut! I wish I had pictures to show you - it might make you feel better! Her mom, a friend of mine, just cried and cried. She can look back and laugh at it now but at the time she was really upset.

  6. This takes me back to when I accidentally chopped off a big chunk of my sister's hair when I was little! It's a classic scenario, kids cutting their own hair (I must have decided to change it up a but by cutting my sister's hair, haha!). She looks so cute with her first haircut!

  7. oh man, i still have an audible gasp when looking at the picture you sent. oh sweet norah! she looks just darling with her big girl cut:)


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