Sunday, February 10, 2013

A few things that make our life easier

As a mom, I am always looking for things to help make my life a little easier, but don't necessarily take a lot of work.  I love getting ideas from others, other people in a similar phase of life always have the best ideas!  So I thought I would share a few of mine!

1. Room Time
My older 2 girls are basically out of the nap phase, but it is so important that we set aside part of the day where I can have a little bit of quite time to myself and they have to self entertain a bit.  So Maya & Norah have room time in the afternoon when Sarah naps.  I try to make it a little different or fun each day, one day they get a movie, the next just toys, and on some days each girl gets 20-30 minutes with just mommy.  It is not always perfect, and things come up, but usually it is about 1.5-2 hours that I have to read, clean, blog, rest. It is refreshing and truly helps me to be a more energized, patient and better mom the rest of the day

2. Rotini Noodles

This is really one of those, it is not more work, just simply easier for my kids and me.  When I make spaghetti or other pastas I always use Rotini or Penne noodles, rather than regular spaghetti noodles.   They are so much easier for kids to eat, let mess, less cutting up noodles, let work.  It tastes exactly the same so why not?

3. Bath Colors

 Have you ever seen these colored bath tablets? they are so fun a easy for kids and make bath time fun.  My sister -n-law got us some and now we always use them and the girls LOVE them!

4. Snacks in every purse, always
I think this is a no brainer for all moms, but don't ever go anywhere without a snack, and if you are new at being a mom or aren't one yet, don't ever forget this piece of advice!

5. Diaper caddy

I often use a different bag depending on where I am going what I am doing, like when I go to the gym, I grab my gym bag, but I want it to be easy to grab diapers for Sarah, so having this little caddy always  makes it easier, rather than repacking diapers every time.  It is also easier for Brett if he is taking the girls someone he can just grab the caddy, rather than I big girly diaper bag.

6. Let them build their food/salad/burrito
Sometimes doing little things like letting your kids build there own meal make it easier for them to eat.  They had a hand in choosing what went in it and putting it together, therefore there is less arguing when it comes actually eating it.  Dinner is more enjoyable, there is less reminders of "please eat your dinner" and more just you kids eating dinner

7. Getting up before my kids
This one is not always easy.  I try to get up 45 minutes before my kids do during the week.  It makes my life sooooooo much easier and I am so thankful on the mornings I do get up earlier and always more regretful on the days I don't.  It just helps my sanity to get ready with peace and quite, to read, and to even actually eat a little something.  I am a better mom, I am more patient with my kids, my day starts off so much better and I never regret waking up early.  This does not always happen, there is grace, some days I just need a little more rest, or some mornings there is an accident or something to disrupt my morning routine, but really if you can do this as a mom, I promise your life will be easier.

8. Shop Kick
Have you heard of this app?  it is for i-phones and andriods.  It is an App that allows you to get points and earn gift cards for simply walking into a store.  Target is included in this App, and you know how many times a week I got to target? a lot.  I don't have to do anything except turn the app on and walk in.  It also includes stores like old navy, best buy, american eagle and more.  You can earn points others ways to, like buy scanning products they have listed, but as a busy mom I don't always have time for that, so I appreciate getting points for just walking into a store I was already going into.  I have earned $10 in target gift cards in the past 3 months and Brett has earned $25.
Oh and you also get coupons and discounts in addition to points!

Click this link to download shopkick on your phone, and get 50 point right away, and I will get some points too!   Get Shopkick

I would love to know some of the things you do as a parent to make life just a little easier!


  1. We love rotini too! :-) My three-year-old could eat "a'sketti" every day.

  2. Wow. I love that app! Thanks for telling me about it! I'm at cvs all the time so I will be scanning for extra kicks!

    And Rotini is my favorite!

  3. Yes, I love rotini pasta, especially for toddlers. I make spaghetti for my older 2 girls, but always a separate small batch of rotini for my youngest.

    I'm so glad you love your diaper pod and it made my day to see it on here! It makes me so happy to see that customers not only love the items they buy, but continue to use them for many years.

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