Sunday, February 17, 2013

Highs & Lows

Well this has been an adventurous week, to say the least.  It may be best to sum it up with a few highs & lows

-Maya got the stomach flu on Valentines day, she missed her first school Valentines party :O(

-I forgot to call my BFF on her birthday, horrible fail
-We sold our house!! (that is actually a high) but had absolutely no place to live
-We close March 22nd, that is in 5 weeks people! Any packing tips?
- It seemed as though a double move for our family of 5 was inevitable, boo
- It has been a stressful time looking at apartment and home rentals that would allow a month by month lease with a cat (seems almost impossible for a good price). 
-I turned 31, but I am not really sure if that is a high or a low....

- Celine died my hair reddish/brown, no more blonde! It only took me my entire life to finally go dark!

 -We sold our house for full asking Price on my birthday!!
- I was more than blessed with an abundance of sweet birthday messages, cards, and lunch!
- I got to spend my birthday with my 3 favorite little girlies
thanks for the cooperation Norah :O)

 - We got invited over to a friends house for dinner!

- We found a house to buy today, and signed a contract, Halleluiah, no double move!

I am not even quite sure what just happened.  I don't know how to move with 3 kids. 


  1. Wow, God sure works like a race car. House sold, House bought! Amazing! And your hair looks great! Happy Birthday. It is another year to remember. Praise God for His blessings to you and Brett and family. So happy for you all..

  2. LOVE your dark hair, Jenni! fits you perfectly! and it makes me smile so big to see that you found a house so quickly...praise God!

  3. so so soooooo excited for you!!!! and you are gorgeous!

  4. What a CUTE house!!!! :-) So happy for you guys! God answers prayers!

  5. I love the new hair color on you, it looks so natural! And how exciting about the house - it look beautiful!

  6. Wow, your new house is gorgeous!! Congratulations!!!


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