Monday, February 11, 2013

not because He needs to, but because we asked

I will be the first to tell you things in our life have not always been easy.  Not just with the enormous amount of deaths, but just life in general situations.  With friends, jobs, school, and circumstances, everything always seems to be one step or several steps more difficult for us.  Don't get me wrong, we are more than blessed, but we have come to expect difficult times, hard situations, and the unexpected just doesn't surprise us all the much anymore.  Life is just hard sometimes.

I can't tell you how incredibly hard my husband has worked at his schooling and job, but has had so many heart breaking disappointments.  Some of these disappointments have even come in the middle of vacations,  that is just reality for us.  When Brett got a new job at Compassion last year, it had been something we were praying for for 5 years and Brett was working at so incredibly hard.  It was an overwhelming blessing to have happen, but it wasn't without true hard work and pain.  We don't except life to always be fluffy white cotton candy, but sometimes we have asked the Lord to give us a break, for something to be not quite so hard...... not because He needs to, but because we asked and He wants to answer our prayers.

Last year when we looked at putting our house on the market we were met with nothing but discouragement and no hope.  Yes, we could rent our home, but no mortgage company would even think about giving us a new home loan without actually selling our current house or having some king of rental history (new housing/mortgage rules are crazy!).  So the answer was a solid NO.

But we had to make a plan, I told Brett as long as there is a plan and we know we won't be here forever, I am ok with not moving yet. Our home is great, we have just really out grown it and need a yard!  So we made some bigger payments on our home, got the mortgage down, and starting saving some.

When this year started we thought we would just check and see "where we were at."  We knew the housing market had started to climb up a bit and we had payed off more, but was it still out of our reach?  Interest rates are really low and houses are just starting to go up in price, it really is the perfect time to buy.

Then through some friends, we met and amazing realtor through church, Tim Coen.  Within just a few days he came to see our house and talk with us.  He gave us more encouragement and hope that we could have ever expected.  Nothing like the previous year.  Could this be the time?

So within just a few short weeks we decided to put our house on the market! It went fast, we did not have a lot of improvements and change needed to our home, Tim said we could sell it as is,  but for me as a perfectionist, I just wanted to clean and declutter.

Our house went on the Market Wednesday, Feb 7th, and just 5 days later we have received not 1, but 2 offers!!! This kind of stuff does not happen to us!  Nothing is confirmed or for certain yet, but what an incredible blessing and answer to prayer.  Thank you so much for all of you that have prayed.  I can't even begin to describe the stress that is lifted by not having to feel like I am going to have to show my house forever with 3 kids and that we have an incredible pricing advantage with 2 offers.
 This is also way fast than I could have ever anticipated or asked for!

A little home tour.








Don't worry, we aren't going anywhere far, just somewhere with more space, hopefully


  1. AWESOME POST... until the very last line. Is that up for debate?

  2. ..sPARKLING & fRESH -- as IS each NEW day when we choose Jesus as LORD. Congrats to y'all!

  3. Yippee!!! Can't wait to see your next home!

  4. Jenni, what an encouragement to me! I had the home stager here yesterday and worked until late last night. I sort of feel like I'm living in someone else's home right now. Your photos look great, all the effort you made has paid off!

  5. God is good! In May '12, 6 weeks after having my third child, we put our house on the market as a leap of faith - we had outgrown it, but the market was poor and no one in our still-developing area had sold without taking a major loss. It took 3 months and many showings and when I was feeling very discouraged, it sold!!! I was in shock until about a week after the closing. I love the way you describe it "not because we need it, but because we asked." My family did not need a new house, but we really wanted something we felt would work for us better and are so thankful God answered our prayer! Congratulations! And enjoy this new adventure!

  6. Looks like a beautiful place. Love the girls' rooms!


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