Sunday, February 24, 2013

Participation station

One thing Brett and I like to do as parents is let our kids participate, to be part of our lives! This is really something I took from my own parents, something they were really great at!  My dad used to take me to work with him, the gas station at midnight, to his classroom while he prepped, to his college classes at night he was learning. My mom always had us help with baking and cooking and I even just let me be with her as she watched one of her favorite shows, "unsolved mysteries." Some of these are my favorite memories, nothing to do with "kid" fun, just being with my parents, it was so special and we would love the same for our girls.

Yes, I could easily make dinner much quicker and with less of a mess if I just told the kids to scram (and sometimes I do).  But Sometimes it is fun to get them involved, to pour a can of beans into a crock pot, to learn how to measure, to learn how to be safe, just to participate in something I was doing anyway. 



 Or doing a "Laundry Party!"  Yes, that is exactly what it is at our house because so many clothes blown up all of the house could mean nothing less that a "Party!"  Usually the participation doesn't hold as much longevity as I would like, but if I at least get them to sort out all of the underwear then the party is a hit!
this is pretty mild
She's been telling us since she was 2, "Jesus taught me how to fold"
Can't you just see the thrill in Norah's face?

We also take our kids a lot of places, we are not afraid to leave, to have to sleep at other peoples houses, to just be mobile.  It does get harder with the more kids you have because the larger the family the more you tend to take over a home you go in to, but that doesn't mean its impossible.

Even now, I have the girls help me pack.  They think of it as "fun" I think of it a  something I need to do and even better that I have help!



Warning! Sometimes letting your kids participate makes everything, slower, messier and requires a lot more patience, not really sometimes, but all the time!  But it is worth it, just to be with my kids!

What are some ways you get your kids involved, or let them participate?

OH and don't worry, Sarah's totally participates!  I don't know where this girl comes from

would you believe that she emptied the whole basket?


  1. I must confess to having been the Mom that preferred to "do it myself". However, I soon learned from Dr. Dobson that anything I did for my children that they could reasonably do for themselves, would be crippling them. Fun to see that you allow the girls to "do" chores. Little Sarah is a kick!!

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  3. You are such a great mom. All awesome things you are doing, Jenn. :)


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