Thursday, April 25, 2013

Some bloggy bloggerton business and Blates

For starters, I had my first Blate ever!  That is a Blog/date=meeting another blogger, someone I only knew from the interwebs! I was pretty nervous, since I have never done this and wasn't sure what to expect.  Kaitlyn only lives about a mile from me though, so it only seemed natural that we had to meet at some point.

She was so cute and sweet, she came over and we had lunch together.  She is expecting her first child, we are just a few weeks apart from each other and I loved her eagerness and excitement to be a mom.  We are in different places in life, she is newly married and a military spouse, but I totally love that!  It was super easy, not awkward, or conversation went so well,  we just clicked  and before I knew it it was time to pick up my girls!  So glad to have met her!  You can check out her blog here.  Speaking of her blog, she has a lot of followers and readers, so I felt like I was kinda meeting someone famous!  and I loved that she took the time to meet me, Jen, with my little old life with the goodlins blog.

Speaking of little, I realized that I have 100 followers now, that is exciting, I should do something great like a good give-a-way! (I actually am working on that)  I know 100 is not a lot, and I actually used to care about getting followers, but I realized that doesn't matter anymore.  For one, I would rather have a "reader" than a  forced follower, someone who actually likes to read what I write and they are not just forced to follow my blog because of some awesome give-a-way I do.  Second of all that is not the purpose of my blog,  to gain the most followers, it is simply to tell about or lives and keep people updated on Norah and the Goodlins and if someone wants to read it then awesome and thank you so much!  Please don't misunderstand, those blogs that have thousands of followers have worked incredibly hard, experienced a lot of criticism , and for many are a great source of income, props to them.  I will just never be one :O)

And part of that not fun business part of the blog though, is that I am getting a lot of anonymous comments from spammers, so I am going to have to put that annoying cache on my blog comment section, sorry everyone, I hate it too, but I can't handle 500 spam comments a day.  OH and google reader is going away.......soo soo sad, it is like one of those addictions I have had for years and they are taking it from me, I don't even know how to follow other bloggers now.  but if you want to keep up with my blog and you are a google reader person than you can sign up for Bloglovin.

Oh and we find out the gender of our baby tomorrow :O)  Don't get to excited for yourselves though, bc you will have to wait a bit.  My parents are on a ship out to Hawaii and will be unreachable until Tuesday, so everyone will just have to hold their breaths for a few more days until we can tell them.  Is that kinda mean?

It's kinda like Sarah pretending to share a bite of her cookie and then taking it away
And we are making strides lately with this little one. Less daily melt downs about wearing pants,  eating chicken, and buckling her seat belt. One day at a time.


  1. Can't wait to find out what you're having, and fun that you got to meet up with Kaitlyn!

  2. HAHA it was weird going through my blog feed and I was like "wait! that's me!!!!". I forgot about our picture (:

    I'm glad we got to have lunch and I cannot wait to find out what the newest addition to your family is going to be!!!!

  3. I don't have any followers on my blog, but we started it as a way of remembering all the things, so we would have something to look back on :) I don't follow a ton of people but your story is just so amazing, I can't help but want to read about it!

  4. It is always fun to keep up on the Goodlins. I didn't understand the last photo caption. Does Norah hate wearing pants? Ohhh Jenni, I hope you don't force her to eat her animal friends. I love Sarah's cookie trick. God bless you, and yes, I am so eager to know the gender too! Good job waiting for your Mom and Dad to get home.


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