Sunday, April 21, 2013

the daddy daughter relationship

I know I don't talk about my husband a ton on this blog, but he is a Good Man!  Well, of course he is, that is why I married him :O)

He has a really big heart for the fatherless.  Those who don't have an earthy father or maybe a not very good one.   You see his biological dad would probably fit into that category of not a very good father and he just happen to marry a lady who lost her father at a young age, me.   I can see in his heart the desire to change a cycle in our families, one of brokeness, of fatherlessness.  His step dad (whom he calls father) has just stepped in really as a great father and grandpa and started this change, and shown that it goes beyond blood relationships.  And my step dad has jumped right it as an awesome grandpa who loves our girls sooo much!  It has been great to see the change beginning.

But really

I see Brett's heart for our daughters and I watch them.

I see this unique bond he has with Norah, you see they have both lost their mothers.

I see the way he adores Sarah to pieces and sees her as the cutest baby ever, because she totally is.

And I see the pride in his eyes for Maya and who she is becoming.

I see this daddy daughter relationship and how it is really so very special

I see how he would completely love and treasure another daughter, because God made him that kind of man.  Not one who Needs to have a boy to be complete, but one who sees all his girls as one of the greatest gifts and wants them to grow up knowing they have a daddy who loves them so much!

He is silly with them, but he knows how to discipline them and be stern when necessary. 

Today I had a hard time with Norah, and he just took her and made her his little special helper.  Allowing her to help him with some handy work around the house.  She was marching around following him like it was one of the best moments ever.

I think sometimes it is harder for him to see, for him to see how much they love and adore him because most of the time they ask for mama, but it is him who they truly admire.

I always knew I married a good man, but it wasn't until I saw him become a father that I knew he was  Great man!


  1. Your posts always provide such depth. Thank you for sharing your life. I admire you, Jenn.

  2. Hello Jenni: It seems like we know Brett, after all these years of blogs. It's precious how you have adopted all us cyber family members just by giving us a glimpse, each time you write, into your home. The humor and laughter you all have with one another will serve you well when the bumps come, and the faith you have in your Lord Jesus Christ. Sometime we will meet the girls again, I am looking forward to that. Hello to Brett for us and to you. Hugs.

  3. I love this. I am so excited that we are having a girl and I look forward to watching Ryan with her (:

    AND I am excited to see you tomorrow (:


  4. I love this post...makes me super excited to see my husby turn into a father. You are truly blessed to have a great man on your side...but also smart for choosing him ;-)

  5. I love this! What a great dad he is! And that black and white of Brett and Norah is awesome!

  6. I love this post, what a sweet tribute to your husband as a father!


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