Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Floor Player & The Performer

I know I have discussed before how different Maya & Norah are, but they really are!

In the past few months I have called Norah my "on the floor girl."  She is always all over the floor, when she plays, when she is watching TV,  always rolling everywhere.   She is constantly hanging off the couch or on a chair upside down, she is never still in one place, ever!  She really just can't still, she is always fidgeting. Sometimes it drives me crazy, I just want her to sit up, or sit still, but it is really engraved in her little mind and body to be on the move, and I really have to remember she is only 3.


One day I just sat on the playroom floor and watched the girls, music was playing, toys were strewn about and there Norah was playing on the floor and there Maya was performing her little heart away with a dance (Oh and Sarah was organizing a wallet).  In that moment I could really see how God created them so uniquely, so special, and so one of a kind.
The floor Player
The Performer



A little glimpse of their playroom

In so many ways it is easier for me to relate, mold, and understand Maya because she is similar to me, so I just get her.  I know what is going on in that little mind of hers. With Norah I don't always understand her behavior, so it is so much harder to relate to her and mold her the way God wants me to.   I just want to know what is going on in her little brain, what makes her tick?  I am sure I have told Brett on numerous occasions, "I just don't understand, I just don't get why she does that?"

I am constantly praying that God would allow me to understand Norah, to see who she really is, and love even the things that bother me, so I can better shape, discipline and mother her. 

I asked my mom if Carrisa was like "roll all over the floor girl" when she was 3, and my mom said probably, but it was really hard to tell  because 3 was the age Carrisa was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease and was in the hospital a lot and on lots of meds, so who knows what her real little 3 year old self was like, probably exactly like Norah.

I would love to hear from  you readers, do you seem to relate easier to one of your kids personalities better than the others?  And if so what are some ways you try to understand and relate with the child who you don't connect with as well?


  1. Trev wasn't a floor guy...more of a climber...

  2. I once went to a Bible study where we were given a list of character strengths and were asked to identify each of our children with 5 of them. I remember feeling horribly guilty that I could only see one in my then 2 year old. His personality has always been difficult for me even though I think he is the most like me. I started to pray then that God would open my eyes and use others as well to help me see his strengths. I also began to see how God was using the things I struggled with to change some sin issues in me. I found that I care too much about what other people think and my emotionally intense fit throwing child exposed that. I am learning patience and grace in a new way because of the very things that are hard for me. I still see so many areas that I want to do better in as his mommy. I definitely need to be more careful about sharing my struggles with him in front of him. I think he feels most loved when I meet him where he's at. My little guy likes to wrestle and play board games. Maybe for you it will look like tumbling around on the floor. Let her be who she is and allow God to use her to change you for the better. Thanks for sharing your heart on here! :)


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