Monday, January 3, 2011

Carrisa Collection

OK Folks, sorry about that delay on the Etsy postings I have had a busy day.

Huge DISCLAIMER!!!  I am NOT a good sewer, in fact this is the first project I have done any sewing by myself!!!  If you are a professional seamstress you cannot criticize my work.  It was made with love and passion for my sister, so it is NOT perfect, but still totally cute :O)  Also you should know most of these are not original ideas, the kitchen towels idea came from my BFF Sarah and I give her all the credit, I just modified the fabric to make it more personal to Carrisa.   My friend Lynae came over to help with the Yo-Yo's and Maya even helped sew a bit!

Here are the items I have made for the "Carrisa Collection"

Kitchen Towels
(I made 4 of these and posted 3 of the on Esty this morning, they sold in about 5 seconds, there is only 1 left so you better hurry!  If you would like this set, please let me know and I will make more!

For anyone who lives close by you can tell me what you want (don't order from Etsy) and I can get it to you, it saves a lot in Etsy and Paypal fees.  If you do not have an Etsy account you can send a check telling me what you would like and I can ship it to you.

Here is the Etsy Link


  1. God is good, Jenni! Do you ship to Canada? And are you doing just brown, pink and orange? Everything looks so cute. Very proud.

  2. jenni, i love that you are making these adorable towels and clips/headbands in memory of carrisa! they are so perfect. you are truly an inspiration and have a heart of gold. love you!


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