Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Meet Hannah

Hannah is our roommate!  Yes, we have a roommate!  Hannah has been here since the end of August, she is doing a program at our church called the "School of Worship "  We have an extra room in our house, and we love it when other people stay!  We were not planning on opening up our room this year because I was pregnant in the summer, but when I lost the baby we changed our mind......   If we would have stayed pregnant we would have missed the opportunity to meet an amazing girl!

We love Hannah, from the moment we met her!  She is from Sacramento, so we both heart California.  She is just so sweet and so fun!  The first week she lived with us she asked if a friend could stay the night and Brett's response was "you already have a friend?"  Hannah is just so like-able I can see why she had a friend(s) so quickly.

When I think of Hannah I am always amazed!  For being so young she has so much wisdom!  She loves the Lord, she is smart,  she is a servant, she has a beautiful voice, and she is so cute and stylish!  Plus, we have had some amazing laughing sessions with Hannah in our home, she just has a certain joy, I love her!  When I think of Hannah, I can only hope and pray that Maya and Norah will turn out like her.

On several occasions Hannah has cleaned our house, just out of the blue, when we were out of town.  What a blessing for us!  When Carrisa passed away we woke Hannah up at Midnight and she immediately just started helping us, with packing, laundry, and she even went to the store for us.  When we got home from California Hannah had cleaned the house, scrubbed my tub, and left me bubble bath, a candle, and a Starbucks gift card. Love her

Oh and Maya loves Hannah and all of her friends! They are all so great at playing tea parties, painting and playing with Mr. Potatoe Head.  They have given me some wonderful breaks.  Just 2 weeks ago Hannah and her friend told me they were going to watch Maya for free and that Brett and I had to go on a date.  What a wonderful, needed surprise!

We had Hannah and a few of her friends over for dinner, we just wanted them to enjoy a home cooked meal, something you don't get very often when you're away from home.  I loved hearing them talk and laugh and just enjoy life together.

We have laughed together, cried together, and have had some amazing talks! Despite some of the hardest moment in our life this past year, we have also had some of the best, like meeting Hannah. I am so thankful to have her in our life and I am so glad that she is getting to share this new journey we are entering as a family.  She is our family.  I will be forever grateful that I have known such a wonderful girl, she will change the world.


  1. really, jenni? You had to post that photo of me posing like a goon?

  2. Findin the Bright Side- Hannah is a girl who knows to whom she serves-- what a secret she shares with the world-- so exciting to see God holding you in the palm of His hand!


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