Sunday, January 9, 2011


Time-line.  So the timeline is a little fuzzy right now for getting Norah (not an exact date), but we have a general idea.  Originally we were going to wait until late spring or summer time to bring Norah to Colorado.  Just for some transition for family, friends and to get all of Carrisa's things in order.  This time-line was a good option for everyone, except for Norah.  We were told by many professionals (lawyers, psychologists, etc) that the sooner Norah can be with her permanent guardians the better, just for an easier transition, for her development and for less confusion.

Do you remember this post.  About  Maya becoming a big sister in February?

Well, that is still going to happen.......... Just not how we were expecting.  Our baby is coming in the form of a One year girl named Norah this February.  It's funny how God works likes that...... You know how most women get 9 months to prepare for the big transition, not so much for us.  Try 8 weeks......ahhhhh.  It is scary to think of everything, we have so much to do!  It's not just physical preparation but mental!  When I was pregnant this summer I felt like there was so much time, time to plan, time to spend with Maya and enjoy many months of just her!  Now I feel like everything is in fast forward!  I won't even get a maternity leave when Norah comes......

So what will happen is that for the first year we will be Norah's guardians or have custody of her  (2 different things, each with benefits and draw backs).  From the moment she is in our physical presence in Colorado we have to wait 1 year to officially adopt her.  During that year we will have to have a home study done.  A home study takes about 3 months and involves an evaluation of our home, a background check, meeting with social services, references and pretty much every aspect of our lives investigated, this costs about $2000 (one of the few things that makes adoption expensive).  Some of you might ask, why actually adopt her and not just be her guardian?  Adopting is safer for Norah in the long run, it makes us her parents with full legal rights, no chance of anyone taking her away.

Last night Maya was really sick, throwing up a lot and I knew that she wasn't feeling well because I know my daughter and her habits, and every little nuance.   I got so sad inside because I don't know any of that about Norah.  How will I even know if something doesn't seem right because I don't know her the same way?  Sometimes it feels so selfish, that we will get to have Norah, that piece of Carrisa that everyone wants.  Sometimes it feels like we are taking her away, from everything and everyone she knows, and that is SO hard for me!  Gosh, I wish we didn't live so far away, but right now I am certain we are suppose to be in Colorado.

The support for us adopting Norah has been overwhelming!  We had no idea so many people were thinking of us.  Sometimes I am just astonished!  It is hard for me to write and thank every person individually right now, but please know that every prayer, comment, note, donation, phone call, card, everything has meant the world!  There have been people who have donated who I don't even know, which is such a blessing!!  And there have been so many family and friends from Paradise, people who I grew up with, who I haven't even talked with in years that have just loved on us and supported us.  Please keep sharing our story!  We want others to know about Carrisa's life and the sweet legacy of Norah, and more than that we want others to know the love of Christ!

We are still raising support, I have been sewing away this weekend 

Brett was helping!  love him!

I also I will be selling some clippies that I previously made, so be sure the check out  my ETSY shop.  All of the proceeds will go to the adoption of Norah.

Here is a little peak of what else I will be selling

Ok, one more thing.  I have made these kink-less hair ties.  You can wear them in your hair all day and they don't leave a big ring and they don't rip your hair.  The proceeds for these will also go to Norah's adoption


  1. I get chills looking at all the crafts you've made, because they SO remind me of Carrisa. I know she'd love it all!

  2. love reading your updates! so excited for this journey to becoming a family of four...scary and exciting! love you guys so much and know you will be wonderful parents to precious maya and sweet baby norah.

  3. I LOVE the birdie clips! (And everything else!) I'm so glad that everyone is coming together to support you guys. Even though we will miss Norah, everyone I've talked to knows that it's exactly where Norah should be. :) I'm excited for your family to grow! I know it's scary and you haven't had much prep time. I just think it's going to be a huge, wonderful blessing!


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