Tuesday, June 14, 2011

California Part 9 - {the Hornaceks}

A trip to Northern California also wouldn't be complete without seeing our good friends the Hornaceks!  Sarah has been my BFF since High school and Kevin (her husband) and Brett  have been friends since high school (in Omaha, NE).  It is so fun that we married friends!  I remember Sarah telling me a very long time ago that she thought I would marry Brett, and I told her she was crazy, well she was right! We love still sharing life with the Hornacke's even though they are far away.   We can hang out after months have passed and it is like no time has passed at all!  Sarah and I even still dress similar and tend to buy our husbands simimlar things to wear.

It is fun having young children together and it has been so fun to see the Hornaceks buy their first home (which Brett was able to help with for a few hours).  Sarah has been such a great support in all of the ups and downs in my life, she was the first person I called after we found out Carrisa died.  She has been just one of the wonderful Sarah's in my life.  I love her dearly and so wished we lived closer together and could live life together more.

Here are our cute kids enjoying snacks!

I love the top right photo, it looks like Norah and Kaden are having a conversation

Don't you just love Kaden's chocolate contemplating and Norah's lips!

Maya always calls Kyri her best friend, even though they live thousands of miles apart. She also bodly proclaimed to Norah that Kyri isn't Norah's friend, only Kaden is.

Best Friends

More Best Friends

We love you Hornaceks, come visit Colorado!

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  1. we love you too! it would make our hearts so happy if we lived closer to the goodlin family. you are one ina million! it would be so fun to watch our kids grow up together...maybe you will be a california girl again :)

    such fun photos, jenni! i love the one of you and kaden. kyri and maya are so precious together. i also loved getting to love on sweet norah...she is such a little love. love you guys!


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