Sunday, June 12, 2011

California Part 7- the pier and more of santa cruz

Of course we had to spend more than 2 days at the beach and of course I took way too many photos of the beach for them all to be on one blog post!  Most of these pictures are of the pier and our night out as a family for dinner.  Our 3rd day at the beach was a little more overcast, but there is so much to do at the santa cruz beach boardwalk we still had tons of fun!


I love these 2 photos with grammy and poppy!

There were some seals just below the pier that we could watch.  I think all of us were thoroughly entertained, especially since they were so close!


another of my favorites

Aren't my parents cute?!

The arcade:
the girls were happy playing most of the games even without money so $5 went a really long ways!

We went out to eat at a little pasta restaurant that gave the girls dough to play with before the food came. 
 B.E.S.T   I.D.E.A  E.V.E.R!! 
We had so much fun playing with the dough before the food game I think I want to keep a dough ball in my purse at all times!


I love time with my family!
I want to go back to the beach!
Are you going anywhere fun this summer?

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  1. the GRAND parents are so Very Cute!!! one of the many things that makes them GRAND !!! xo


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