Tuesday, June 7, 2011

California-Part 5 {Norah's Birthday-Day}

Norah celebrated her actual birthday during our trip (May 23rd).  I can't believe she is 2 now!!  Carrisa would have loved celebrating this day with her!  Seeing how big she has grown, how much she has changed, everything she can do and say.  I am sure Carrisa would have had the most amazing party for her.  It still seems unfair and strange that I was celebrating Norah's 2nd birthday as her mommy and not her aunt, Carrisa should have been here..... she only got to celebrate one of Norah's birthdays....

Norah, you make us laugh everyday.
You come up to me daily, try to make your fingers say 4 and say "4 lollipops please"
You have the best hugs and cuddles
You say "I wuv you"  all the time!
You probably have the most amazing vocabulary of any 2 year old, you tell me, "mommy I have   poop, please change my diaper."
You easily entertain yourself
You won't eat any meat
You eat bubbles and other random objects
You love to taunt and tease Maya, you also love to copy everything she does
Daddy loves to call you his "space cadet"
You are a Mama's girl
You name all of your dolls and barbies "Carrisa"

We did 3 celebrations for Norah's birthday.  Just a very small family one, before we left for California.  Papa and Yami brought a cake and presents, and we had dinner together.




And then on Norah's actual birthday we had dinner with a special ice cream sundae


copying Maya
We love your Norah and we are so glad you are part of our family!  We can't wait to celebrate more birthdays with you and watch you grow!


  1. carrisa would love the pink animal print on her cake, too!! :)

  2. THE PLAN: Norah's bday was EXactly the way HE planned it - His Sovereign plan(beyond our Simple minds), Divine intervention, Grace, Mercy poured out for His GLORY.. ..because you are Cooperating w. the Plan, ShareD the STory!
    Glama Wright...the otha grammy

  3. She's my kinda girl! She's got personality!


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