Friday, June 17, 2011

California-Part 10, the end {Placerville)

I am sure you are all ready for me to be done with my California trip blogs, it probably seems like we were there for years!!  We just did a lot while we were there and so many things deserved an individual post.
So finally here is the last California part, Placerville.


We ended our trip spending a few days in Placerville, where my parents now live.  They live in my Granny's house, so there are so many wonderful memories there even for me as a child!  The girls love Grammy and Poppy's house and their toy closet and all of the fun areas to play.  It is always so beautiful and green there, plus In & Out Burger is close by!

I spent some time helping my mom go through some of Carrisa's things.  She has so many memories and items, now just in a box,  it was difficult deciding what to keep and what was special.  I got very overwhelmed and sad feeling this responsibility of keeping the right memories and mementos for Norah.  I want Norah to feel like she has some special things from her mother, without hoarding.

My mom got me this wonderful gift, a handmade purse made from some of Carrisa's fabrics (clothes, sheets, etc.)  I thought it was a great way to have a keepsake of her things.  Everything on the purse was Carrisa's even the front silver piece was her earing, it is very special.  The inside of the purse is also material from one of Norah's baby dresses. I hope Norah will be able to have something like this also.


I didn't get a ton of photos in Placerville, but here are a few of the girls modeling their H&M dresses I got for just $5.

Helping Grammy make her famous cookies

We also went to a picnic for homeless people that my parents help minister to.  Grammy kept warning the girls that there were "bad geese" at the park and Maya kept getting confused saying that we were going to the park with "bad people"  this is certainly not something I wanted her to say out loud at a picnic for homeless people...........we had to monitor her.

L.O.V.E these first two!




Never enough time there....we also got to see my sister Candice and I am so bummed I didn't grab any photos of the girls with her. A few times Candice looked at me with wide eyes as Maya and Norah were demanding my attention and she said "are you doing ok sis?" Haha, I am good, I think.

Sometimes life is hard, really hard......and sometimes life gives us things we would never expect, but then I am reminded,
"We Live, We Love, We Forgive and Never Give Up, cause the days we are givin are gifts from Above, and TODAY we remember to LIVE and to LOVE!


this is a gift


  1. A POST Always worth the Readin! Great perspective God has given you to share with us all...
    The Message: HOPE, because of Whom your Family chooses to Serve.
    PS. I see those Crazy, Wonderful, eyeBROWS of Brett's, on Maya - she wears them so well too !!! My FAV !

  2. Love the purse! Loved the post! Love your family! (Do you know where that last quote is from?)

  3. You guys are incredible! Love the pic of Brett and te girls!


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