Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More Change to come

There is never a dull moment in our lives.   A few weeks ago we were informed that the girls daycare was closing at the end of June......Boo!  I cried....... not just because I knew that the girls loved it there, but because I knew it meant more change, more stress, more of everything I didn't want. I just want my life to be easy for like 2 seconds........ Sure I could have found somewhere else to put Maya and Norah, or had someone could come to our home, however,  I go on maternity leave in September so there was really only a short time I needed help and then it meant change again for the girls.  I just really really didn't want the girls to go through meeting someone all over again just for it to change again in 2 months, and then have a new baby sister (more change).  They have already been through enough this year........

So what is a girl to do other than call her mother?   Yep that's what I did, and without hesitation my mom offered to come out to Colorado early (she was going to come at the end of August) and help watch the girls.  I know this is a HUGE sacrifice for her and I am so thankful she is willing to do it!  Now my mom is coming on July 10th and will help take care of the girls while I work 3 days a week.  What a blessing, I love my mom!  This will also be better and more stable for Maya and Norah and they are both VERY excited Grammy is coming!

What about work after maternity leave?
Well, I am going to take 6 months off of work, with 3 small children this hardly seems like enough time.  However, when I return to work I will only go 1 day a week!  I am so thankful my boss is allowing me to do this!  This will allow us to bring in a little income, because we will be very poor when I am not working at all (praying God will provide), it will also allow me to keep up on my hygiene skills, but more than anything it will really allow me to be home with the girls so much more!   What is even more great is that my friend Lynae and I are swapping kids.  I will watch her kids on Wednesdays and she will watch mine on Thursdays, so no daycare expense!  This was something I was praying about for a long time and I am so thankful God answered in a way that was better than I could have imagined!

So here we are, only 1 day left of Maya and Norah seeing Miss Molly (their daycare provider).  It is bittersweet, we will miss her, but the change to come is very exciting!   I have spent over 3 years getting Maya up early in the morning and putting her in the car, enjoying our adventurous drive to daycare, it it so weird that I won't be doing this anymore.  Norah has especially loved miss Molly and adjusted there so well!  
Every morning I give Maya and Norah fruit snacks and milk on our drive.  Maya usually tells me how tired she still is and Norah asks me every 5 seconds, "where we going?"  We always give lots of hugs and kisses when I drop them off.

I decided that I needed a few photos of this memory, so I grabbed a couple this week.

On our Way



Maya being tired, Norah asking me "where we going"
A few of the girls friends at daycare

The girls with "Miss Molly"

We will miss you Molly!

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  1. "a CHILD'S LIFE is like a piece of Paper...every Person Leaves a MARK"..chinese proverb...thank God, for Miss Molly & Grammy...xo Glama Wright


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