Sunday, June 26, 2011

Brief update on Norah and Donuts!

Some of you may have been wondering how things are going in the process of adopting Norah.  Mostly it is just a Whole Lot of Waiting!   If you recall we have to wait 1 year from the time she is in our home to adopt her, so as of right now we are just trying to get custody of her.   There has been a whole lot of emails, signing papers, and notarizing happening.  A few days ago we got our court date set for a hearing on the custody of Norah, the date in Tuesday, July 19th.  We are hoping and praying everything goes well on that date, there is a chance the judge will not give us custody since Norah has not been in Colorado for 6 months, but we are praying the judge evaluate the situation and grant it anyway. 

There have been several things not quite going as easily as we hoped, nothing big, but for example, the judge could have just granted us custody of Norah without a court visit, but they are requiring us to have one.  Also the judge could have allowed our lawyer to just meet by phone for the hearing (which would have saved us hundred and hundreds of dollars) but they are requiring our lawyer to be present.  Just little stuff like that.....we just hope those little things that save time, money and heartache will start going our direction.  So if you any of you are up for praying in that direction, it would be great!

I will definitely keep you all posted on everything after the hearing, I am sure we have a much better idea of everything after that occurs.  I will also be making a new line of headbands to help raise a little more support so stay posted!
For now I leave you with this.


There is a new donut shop that just recently opened up that has had lots of rave!  Let me just tell you, I can't even really remember the last time I even had a donut, but with a pregnant belly and 2 little girls is just sounded so fun and tasty!  So right when the girls woke up on Friday morning we hoped in the car and went to Southern Maid donuts (sorry mom and ed)






And yes, they were VERY tasty, melt in your mouth donuts! (I only had one) We had to bring some to Brett to share at work!


  1. Ain't nothin' wrong with a sugar rush for breakfast once in a while. :-)

  2. When we lived in Kansas City, every Friday supper was Donut time for us. David would bring 6 donuts home and the four of us would cut them up and share the different kinds. Oh so bad for us, and oh so yummy! It is great to make memories.


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