Monday, August 29, 2011

10 seconds to change the world

Hi everyone! This is Brett. I want to ask you for your help.

I work with Compassion International and we are working to get these simple, durable, wonderful water filter systems to all the children and families involved with our programs. So far, everyone in Haiti has been provided with one and now we are working on Rwanda.

For this past month of August, has been holding a voting contest and whoever wins gets to send out tweets on behalf of's Twitter feed for a week, @water. Compassion is bouncing between first and second this whole month and there are just a few days left and we REALLY need your help. We want to spread the word of these filter systems to the over 400,000 followers of @water, who are also passionate about clean, safe water!

10 seconds if you have a twitter account, 30 seconds if you do not.

If you need a walk through with pictures and help, click here.

But, Brett, that's great and all - but what is this water system you keep talking about? I've made a few videos and posted them below. I have also posted a few videos of other people who are helping out and spreading the word.

Please help! It's totally FREE to vote :)

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