Sunday, August 7, 2011

Spray Paint for the House

So I have a new addiction (thanks to pinterest),  spray painting old cheap picture frames and making them look brand new!  You can really spray paint anything and make it look a whole lot better, but since I have been printing out some photos of our family the spray can has been hitting the frames.

Plus is saves so much money.  Picture frames are expensive.  Take for example this 16 x 20, just $2 at salvation army, just add a little spray paint and wha-la, a beautiful new frame!  I could have easily spent $20-50 on a frame this size!

From Hideous

clean off the dust with a damp papertowel

Take out the glass and backing

grab a can of $.99 white spray paint

add a few layers of spray paint

and then a photo


I really liked this frame, it is a 16 x 20 also that I spray painted

Then there is this one, I decided to use for a little craft project in baby Sarah's room.  Take an old frame, spray it pink, hot glue fabric to wood, cardboard or another backing, and wha-la, a memory board!



and another I did for the baby Sarah's room

These frames used to be hideous gold, and now they are black

Do you have any creative, cheap ideas for home renovations?
And onto a quick update.  I still plan on doing a fundraiser this month for Norah's adoption fund!  I have been getting so many great donations in the mail, from people I don't even know and also from many of my close friends.  It is not to late to donate!  If you or someone you know makes something crafty and cute you can send it my way to put in the auction.  As of right now I am scheduling the auction for Next Monday, August 15th!  So mark your calendars!  There are going to be some really great things to bid on!  Here is a sneak peak of some of the things I have received in the mail.


email me at if you would like to help!

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