Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Water Ball and green popsicles

We got an awesome water ball for Norah's birthday from one of Carrisa's friends in California, Glama Wright.  What fun it has been for the summer, just a simple activity for the girls, but oh so useful!


The water ball is pretty intense so goggles must be worn


Umm.... I don't think I want to go in the water

.....so I will have a snack and just site here and look pretty instead

"mommy baby Sarah is hot and needs to cool off, let me put water on her"

"hey Maya, that water was for me"

Thanks Glama for the great summer gift!

We love that so many of Carrisa's friends have stayed connected with us, and blessed us abundantly!  We feel like so many of then have embraced us, loved us, and supported us, even if they hardly know us.  What a privilege to be surrounded by a great community in Colorado and in California!

Oh and all of our neighbors love Maya and Norah, I think they are the hit of the neighborhood, those 2 little hams.  So they often times get special treats from the neighbors like Green Popsicles. yum yum

yes this is my child, green mouth and hands, buggery nose, messy hair and all
this is probably one of my favorite photos of Norah



Whose children are these?

love them

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