Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shower for Sarah

Whoever thought I would have 2 baby showers in one year, just 6 months apart?!?! crazy uhhh.  I really wasn't expecting a shower since I had one in February for Norah and since I am having another girl, so I really felt blessed when my friend Lynae told me she wanted to host a shower for baby Sarah.  The only request was that we have it outside (I am an outdoor person) and of course the day we had the shower was one of the hottest days off the summer, we managed great in the shade though (mind you hot in Colorado Springs is upper 80's).

It was simple and perfect and I got so many practical things (diapers, nursing pads, bottle nipples) that I need and so many hand-made, personal items that I love!!!  We are going to be working with a super tight, low budget, while I am not working at all, so any little thing helps tremendously!
Oh and I am still in search for a good diaper bag, do you know of any good options?

Some of my close friends!  Thanks for everything girls!

I was so glad my mom could attend the shower! It felt complete with her there!
Yami is on the Left, she is marrying Papa next summer we are so excited she will be part of our crazy family!

Norah got sometime at home with Daddy and I brought Maya to the shower since she is a little older and can sit still for more than 2 seconds, she loved to help open the presents. And she loved getting a lollipop!


My good friend/co-worker Lynae, I still can't believe she is moving to Germany!

And of Course, Baby Sarah, still fully in the Belly

I am blessed with wonderful friends, they have helped me make it through every day, through the most difficult year of my life.  I love that they made me feel like baby Sarah is just as important as my other children.


  1. Michelle Robbins (Finney) swears by this one: http://www.skiphop.com/product/21500.html I haven't tried it (or any, obviously). Also, a mommy of 3 might need something different than a mommy of 1. I dunno? Hope that helps.

  2. Just popped over to see how you're doing! You look absolutely beautiful! I'm so happy for you and all that God is doing through you :)

  3. beautiful as aways!

    i've had two diaper bags...

    this one, super cute patterns, love the backpack option.....


    and this one. it isn't nearly as cute but this diaper bag hold TONS! it has little straps inside to snap onto strollers. it's by far, the "best" one we've had....


    good luck in the search:)

  4. Jenni, you look beautiful and so radiant. I forgot to tell you I saw Yami with the girls at Water World a couple weeks ago. It was so funny to run into them in such a big crowd. :)


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