Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Update & 8 Months Pregnant!

Just wanted to give you all a quick update on the fundraiser for Norah's Adoption, this money is all going toward our home study (which is about $1500), and so far we have raised $795!
Thank you all so much for donating, participating, and sharing the link!  The Auction goes until Sunday night, so keep on sharing!

Can you believe that I am 8 months Pregnant!  No Way, this baby is coming soon! 




I had another ultrasound today, it is not typically normal to have one at 35 weeks pregnant, but my fundus (the outside of my belly) was measuring small for how far along I am in my pregnancy.  The Dr. just wanted to check on the babies growth and development to make sure everything was ok.  I felt a bit nervous going into the ultrasound, I mean I feel like there have been so many little things along this pregnancy that just put a bit of worry inside.   Like the trip to the Emergency room at 5 weeks, or the subcorionic hemorage at 8 weeks, or the extra test I had to take for gestational diabetes at 30 weeks because my first one didn't come back normal......sigh and then this ultrasound. I don't want to have any more worry, I just want baby Sarah to be healthy and happy.   The ultrasound went great, baby Sarah is just the right size, my amniotic fluid looked good, and she is definitely a girl!  Head down, face down and getting ready to enter the world!

While preparing to have a baby in 8 months, we are also preparing more and more for the technicalities of adopting Norah, for example filling out this massive stack of paper work, and signing our life away (or so it seems). 


Getting ready for our home study, which will hopefully start in October......isn't that lovely I will have 2 toddlers and an infant when a social worker visits our home.  Everyone in our home has to have a physical and Brett and I have to have blood tests, finger prints, background check, counseling classes, and court dates.  Oh and did I mention Brett is in his senior year of school at UCCS for accounting and he works full time, oh and I am still working up until the baby comes........ life is busy.  What would we do without my mom?!?!?

Overall I am feeling good though, still enjoying being pregnant, doing lots and lots around the house and craving milk shakes.   
I will leave you will the photo my mom just took (while I was writing this blog).  Is it bad that our 3 year old knows how to use a computer?



  1. jenni, i remember talking not so long ago about you were probably going to wait to have a baby till brett was out of school. little did we know that plans God has for your family!! you're amazing and made just for this job, motherhood:) so happy baby sarah is ready to roll...can't wait!

  2. Seriously...the cutest pregnant lady I've ever seen. :) Can't wait to meet Sarah!!! Also, so excited for how well the fundraising is going!

  3. So wonderful your mom can be there to help! I'm glad to hear Sarah is healthy and in perfect position to make her appearance. Praying for God's grace amidst the craziness of life.


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