Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Danae's Visit


We were all so excited for Danae to come to Colorado!  It was her first time here since we have lived here and the girls were just over joyed to know she was coming!  We even did a paper ring count down!

Danae is about 5 1/2 years younger than me.  Her and I are probably the most alike out of all of our siblings, we have similar personalities, quirks, and I think our voices even sound similar.  We are alike in many many ways, but we are also very different and I love that about her.  She is amazing with children, I mean amazing!  I loved watching her with the girls, she had so much patience and grace, and just a natural ability to communicate with them.  I really wish we lived closer!  Oh and I love that Danae is just about the only person who calls me "Jen"  I actually prefer it.

About 10 minutes after Danae walked into the house she already had a fort built for the girls

She finally got to meet baby Sarah

We had to do a trip to focus on the family, especially since it is to hard for me to take the girls by myself these days

We did lots of crafty things while Danae was hear also, she is probably the best crafter out of all the Cox girls

Courtesy of my husband, Danae and I got to go out on a date together.

We had a really good time, just talking, catching up, relating to one another like no one else. I mean she is really one of the only people I can relate to. She knows what it is like to lose a father, to watch a big brother die at home, and to lose a sister we both loved so much, she understands............
she really does.

I sometimes forget that Danae and I don't have the same memories of our dad.  She was only a tiny baby when our dad got sick, and was only 4 years when he died.  She really didn't know him at all.  It makes me really sad, at least I have more memories to grasp onto, to know what he was like, to know a piece of who I am.  While she was visiting I tried to tell her of some of the memories I had of him, of what he was like, how he laughed, how he played with us, how he loved....

The day before Danae left it was BEAUTIFUL outside, we had to go to the park

yep, multi-tasking, having a picnic while feeding Sarah (she is under the hooter hider)


This is probably one of my all time favorite photos of Brett and the girls

 We also did some silly photos

and a cute one

Danae has a special bond with Norah

There is no one like a sister

I forgot how much we need each other.


  1. Oh Jenni! Or..Jen. ;) I love this post. How reflective you are of this visit and also of your past. All of the Cox girls are amazing. I love the photo of Norah and Maya laughing with Brett. So candid. Very precious Jenni. Thanks for sharing.

  2. great post! Sounds like a wonderful visit! Sisters are so needed! Hopefully you guys can visit with each other more often!

  3. Oh my gosh Maya's face in every single funny glasses picture is hysterical! This post made me tear up a little (thanks). I am glad it was good time for you, I had a wonderful time! I am always thinking about you guys and waiting for the next time I get to see you all. I love you very Much! p.s thank you for telling me that stuff about Dad it was really nice, I even told Jordan about the Halloween stuff which he really liked <3

  4. Love the post....I loved seeing pictures of Danae as well....I was there when she was born but only got to be in her life for a short time as well. You ladies are truly amazing. I love all of your stories and will continue to follow them. God Bless. Ann Marie


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