Sunday, January 22, 2012

photo journal

I always love when I get good ideas from other blogs, even if I don't always do them, I just love others ideas!  That is why Pinterest is such an addiction.  Anyway, I am sure this idea is somewhere on the interwebs, but I actually thought of it without seeing it anywhere.

Just about every small group I have ever been in has encouraged regular journaling and I haven't always been so good at it, but then I thought, "what if I journal specifically for each of my daughters?"  I could write down what they are like at certain ages, funny things they say,  prayers that I have for them, or scriptures that come to mind with each girl.  Then, once they graduate from High school I can give them their journal to read.  I just thought it was be such a special gift, and maybe they will even be able to see their strengths and abilities and remember ways God moved in their lives even at a young age. 

At first I was just going to buy cheap journals, but then I saw that had personal ones, and after using like 4 coupons, I think they were only about $4.00 each so I had to get them! 

We just got them in the mail  last week.  I am glad I went with personal,  they are way cuter!  I am sure if you want to do this a $1 journal will suffice, but I like cute.



I love that I am starting so young with Sarah, her little personality is already starting to come out and I can't wait to look back and read and see what I thought she was like as a baby and what she is like when she is older.

While I was taking photos of the journals this is what was going on around me


Our neighbor got the girls these cute heels for Christmas and they were dancing and clanking away in a circle as I photographed.


I treasure these girls

and these moments

Each little lady already has at least one entry (Norah has 3 because she is always saying and doing so many funny things like calling a Snickerdoodle a "Dickerdoodle" haha, love her). 

And while Maya & Norah were dancing, clanking, and singing away, this little lady was peacefully asleep
I will certainly treasure this moment, because it is not going to last much longer

I can't wait until the pages of the journals are worn, with rips, stains, time, and a life full of memories


  1. It's on Pinterest now! I just pinned it. This is such a sweet idea, and you and the girls will LOVE reading them later on.

  2. Those are darling journals, thank you for sharing your ideas. I think even Grandmas can do this sort of thing. I loved the Christmas picture card, by the way. Stay warm!

  3. I LOVE this idea so I'm going to completely copy it for my girls if that's okay?! I'm so worried about forgetting the special little things..this way I can remember them! Thank you for the inspiration! x

  4. Jenni, these are so cute! I do the same thing for mine, but I LOVE the photo ones.

  5. Love your idea. I'm going to share it with my friends for their kids since I don't have my own. :)


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