Monday, January 2, 2012

Favorite 10

Everyone has to do some kind of top 10 of 2011.  I have lots I want to write about, but for this post I am just going to share my favorite 10 photos of 2011.

My criteria: photos I have taken, and at least one member of our family must be in them.  I wanted to get a variety also.  Some photos might not be as well taken as others, but they have a special meaning.  Narrowing down to 10 was really hard!! 

#10: this isn't the best quality photo but it says so much! It is a moment, one with a new daughter that I will always treasure!

#9: Probably one of the best photos I was able to get of the 3 girls together

#8: Because it is cute, hilarious and creative all in the same photo
DSC_0032 2

#7: My favorite of Brett, Maya & Norah.

#6: It is so hard to get a photo of Norah ( I mean any 2 year old) This is one of my favs of her because she is so cute and it shows her personality!

#5 I have SO many great photos of Maya, she is at an age where she will do what I ask and I  can get so many great moments.  I am totally biased but I think she is a cutey. I love this one because she looks beautiful and it shows all the fun we were having on the 4th of July

#4: It's just a good photo

#3: Time at my favorite place with my dearest friend

#2:Welcoming our new daughter into the world. Need I say more?

#1: it pretty much had to be a beach photo and this one is one of my more proud photos. It shows a little style, my girls playing, and my favorite place!

a few runners up ( i just had to add them)





Which one is your favorite?


  1. Brett on the grass talking with Norah and may I choose another? I love the one of the two girls against the cloud sky. Thanks Jenni for all the blogging you do. I don't know how you have the time, but thank you. Jeremiah and Andrea came to see us a day after Christmas. It was a surprise. I thought we would be alone. I do long to see the Alabama grandkids. So far away. Happy New Year woman!

  2. Beautiful photos, Jennie! I think the one of all three girls in their pajamas is so cute. :-)

  3. that beach photo with the sunglasses and the girls is awesome! But I really love all of them! You can just feel the love in each of them!! You are blessed!

  4. I LOVE the one of you holding and admiring your baby. So heartwarming.


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