Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What a Year!

I think 2011 was one of the craziest, blessed, most unexpected year ever!

What I have loved about 2011 is that I have seen God's had move so evidently in our lives.  In January we got pregnant while starting the process of adopting Norah, what the heck, right?  It still seems unbelievable at times and I still laugh.  I remember just shortly after finding out we were pregnant spending the night in the ER, sure I was having another miscarriage, but the Lord was with us and protected our sweet baby and let us keep her.  I have often wondered why God allowed us to get pregnant so soon into starting the adopting process with Norah, I mean we were Preventing...... but I can see why now.  Having a 3rd child forced me to stay at home more, and the Lord new that I needed to be home more to bond with Norah.  I would still be working if I had not had baby Sarah and missing out on a very important window of bonding with Norah and my other girls, of course.

We raised over $10,000 to help adopt Norah, and this is another way we have seen God's hand, because it really hasn't been anything we have done, but the Lord providing. We have gotten donations from people we don't even know!  Thank you so much to all of you who have helped!!

I started the year with one less sister,....which has been so hard, I miss her more than anyone can fathom.  I think about her daily and cry about her often.

We went from 1 to 3 children in 2011! 
Norah arrived in February, when I was due with Goodlin #2 that misscarried.
Sarah arrived on September 22nd, the anniversary of Frans (brett's mom) death
I went from working to being a stay at home mom of 3.  

We have traveled to Florida, California, Durango, Kansas City, and Houston Texas.

I have had to lean on God and trust Him at every turn in our lives in 2011.   From the 45 times I thought something was wrong with baby Sarah, to Norah, to our finances.  

I have learned that God is in control of my pretend "white pick fence" life. 

Brett turned 30!

Brett also finally got a job we have been praying for for 5 years!! 5 years people, don't give up on your prayers.  and no, it is not his dream job (he is still in school) but it is a HUGE step in the right direction.  Oh and wouldn't you know he got the new job right when we had used up all of my disability insurance, crazy!

If I look back to 2010 my life is so different in just one year that it is almost incomprehensible.
Who knows what 2012 will hold.  I am hoping for a few moments to just breathe....
My husband and I always joke about moving, but neither of us really feel like it is a joke, and maybe that is what the Lord has in store for our family eventually.

What a difference a year can make




  1. I love your cute little family and the faith you have to lean on God and thank Him for His provisions. I am on my way to becoming a dental hygienist too! I apply this month :)) I'm excited and nervous all at once.
    God bless you and your fam!

  2. You make 3 look so simple and lovely. God has obviously given you grace to do this work!!! Happy New Year to you, your sweet girls and your hubby!!

  3. I love how the blessings were mixed in with the hard days for you in 2011 - I hope 2012 is a wonderful and happy year for you!


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