Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Maybe we do look a like?

I have always thought Maya has looked so much like Brett, from the moment she was born.  When people see her though they always say, "oh she looks like you Jenni."  I think her coloring and her hair look like me, but that is all.  My mom recently sent this photo and said, "Maybe Maya does look a little like you Jenni"

This is Carrisa and me as sisters (not sure the age) 

Wow! Totally reminds me of these 2


I cannot help when I look at Maya and Norah, but to think of Carrisa and me.  It is like watching Carrisa and me grow up all over again together.  Maya & Norah are only 1 year apart in age,  Carrisa and I were 3 years apart, so that is different, but personalities wise Maya is like me, Norah is like Carrisa.

Maya is very sensitive, like momma.
Maya is very deteremined and gets frustrated very easily, just like me. 
Maya is particular, yep like me.
Maya loves to dance, and that is all I wanted to do when I was little.
And I am sure I was probably a bit bossy over Carrisa, just like Maya is with Norah.

Norah is very affectionate , just like Carrisa.
Norah L.O.V.E.S babies, so much like Carrisa did.
Norah likes to antagonize Maya.... ummm just like Carrisa did to me.
Norah is Messy, just like Carrisa (sorry sis, sorry Nor).
And Norah is silly, just like Carrisa.
I also call Norah a "body thrower"  she uses her body a lot to express herself, and I when I asked my mom which one of us did that as a child.... yep Carrisa

Every once in a while I give a shout out to God, "thanks Lord, but wasn't Carrisa suppose to get this?"  I am only joking of course, but isn't funny how the things that drive you crazy about your kids are the same things you did as a child (or what your sister did)!?

They really do love each other

and someday, when they grow up....

I hope they love each other as much as Carrisa and I did


  1. She totally looks like you Jenni!!! Love the similarities in these pictures :)

  2. Very, VERY awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Last night on my phone, I got stuck on the 1st picture, thinking that it was your girls. I figured it was a iphone app to make it look older. Then I continued to read. The girls look just like you and Carissa. :)

  4. Oh I just loved the comparisons. I guess there is something into that gene thing. We inherit more than we realize. But you have three lovely girls, and I love reading about them, as well as knowing what you and Brett are doing. God bless you with endurance, Jenni.

  5. they will be the best of friends. :)


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