Monday, December 12, 2011

Advent days: 8-10

Let us Continue with the Goodlin Advent Calendar

Day #8: Write a Christmas Card to Someone

Maya Chose to write 2 letters, one to Daddy and the other to Poppy
This is what Maya told me she wrote:

" Dear Dada, My love you
We don' t go to Molly's house anymore.
We will go to Grammy's house sometimes.  We will stay there a long time. 
My like you best. 
My love Santa.
Merry Christmas!
My love you too!"

Dear Poppy (Grandpa Ed)
We don't go to Molly's house anymore because she closed.
My love you!
When its summer, my will come to your house, not in the winter.
My like you best, because you are good.
Merry Christmas!

Norah wanted to write a letter to Papa and to her Daddy T.
This is what she wrote:
"Dear Papa, (Grandpa Dan)
Happy Birthday!
Merry Christmas!
My 2.  My almost close to 5."

Dear Daddy T,
"Happy Birthday
Boopy Bop
Ummmmm TOY!
My want a Barbie
My wanna go pee pee on the potty and my do now!"

As you can see Norah is really into saying "Happy Birthday" and Maya misses Molly's house.
I love them!

Letters are ready to go

Day #9: Pick out a Christmas Gift for another Child



What they picked out

I was really nervous that when we went to Target the girls would have a melt down in the toy section when we were getting a gift for someone else.  They didn't though!  They were great!  Maya even insisted that we pick out a toy for a boy, and I couldn't say no.

Day #10: Go to Wonderland

Our church, New Life, puts on a really fantastic Christmas show, everything is done well, nothing is cheesy.  Tim Tebow even came to the same performance we were at, fun!
Oh and Maya kept calling it, "Alice in Wonderland"


We couldn't have done it without Papa & Yami
It isn't easy being stuck in seats for 2 hours with 3 young children, but the girls were great!


Day 11 gets a post all on its own, it will be coming tomorrow!

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