Monday, August 13, 2012

goodnight, don't let the bed bugs bite

man this little guy is kicking my butt
like I still can't really eat, it has been 11 days since I have had a real meal
I am just simply exhausted, my body is fighting
I have never felt this way, ever
I would rather give birth 

no, I am Not pregnant
I can hardly cook dinner, not just because I can't eat but because the smell is usually really off putting
my poor poor husband
I feel like a pile
it certainly isn't as bad as the first 4 days though

Maya has woken up the past 2 nights crying and crying saying that she hurts and is itchy
both times she has had small red bites on her chest, back, neck and arms.
bed bugs????
ahhhh no way, how could we even get those?
cleaned, disinfected, washed everything!!
still more bites last night
I have looked everywhere for signs of the little guys, but have not found really anything
seriously, bed bugs and parasites, could we be/feel any dirtier?
poor Maya, she is still not well either, and now these bites....sigh

We all deal with it though, right?  sicknesses, sleep deprivation, hunger.  I mean it comes in the contract you sign when you become a mother.  Oh, you didn't know you had to sign one of those when you had a baby?  That is just one of the small details they leave out.

I just want to be normal again, and have a desire to eat and get up and move.  It is so hard to see the end sometimes when you are in the middle of the yuck.  But this is not forever (although 5 weeks basically is) and I will feel myself again and actually have to work out to lose weight.

We went to the zoo yesterday because I HAD to leave the house and get outside and breath fresh air!
I felt better just being outside











I am so glad we went, the girls had a blast!
But it wiped me out, I took 2 naps afterwards


  1. Oh that sounds awful...I have followed your blog for sometime and your family just seems so sweet. I actually went to high school with your husband (he graduated with my brother Brad Lane). I danced with your friend Sarah Czw and so on. Signing up to be a mother is so wonderful, but yet very demanding and busy! Since you are talking about constant tired etc I thought I would share my website
    I am starting their 90 day Challenge to help regain my energy, feel healthier and for myself lose weight. Friend me on FB and I can share more and you can see other testimonials. No pressure, I just thought I would share- hope to hear from you.

  2. find me on FB under Jenn Anit.
    Feel better!


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