Thursday, August 16, 2012


So, I know I still have not posted on everything we did to celebrate Carrisa's birthday.  Keeping things a mystery is always a little more fun, isn't it?  It is not something we are completely finished with either, that is, we hope to continue what we started, so it will remain a little bit of a mystery for now.

I will give a bit of a hint though.  I am wanting my girls and even myself to be more comfortable around people that we may not normally hang around.  It is so easy to get comfortable and stuck around people who are just like us (and those people are great!)  but sometimes other people, other cultures, other generations have so much to offer!

This week the girls and I did get to spend sometime with someone very special, who has now become family.   The more I am around her though, the more I realize what a great woman she is!  I can't wait for the girls and I to spend more time with her.  I love seeing the life lived in older generations

This photo is very special to me..... that Norah is even here, a part of our family and now a part of hers.  These 2 have a special connection

The best part, I love how she has embraced us, as family, as ones that she loves.


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