Monday, September 17, 2012

A little bit of Norah in our lives

Man, you can really see her chipped tooth in this photo
People often ask how Norah is doing, how she is adjusting, if she is fitting in well?  I am sorry I haven't always been the best at updating everyone on this, but she fits into our family so well, some days I forget that we haven't had her her whole life.

Norah loves preschool and just loves loves going to dance, she askes me every week if it is time to go back to dance class.   She even runs around on her tip toes like a ballerina.norahballet2

she loves to play outside and ride her bike and she usually wants to sit by the picture of mommy carrisa at dinner time.

At a glance people NEVER EVER know Norah is adopted.  Just today someone at dance class said, "man you can definitely tell they are sisters."
seriously, they do look like sisters
 And at least once a week we get asked if they are twins?!?
And if I ever do tell people we have adopted, they ask, which one? ha

Several times we have also had people say, " Well Maya looks a lot like her mom, and Sarah looks like her dad and Norah..... well she is a mix!"  Haha I never knew Norah resembled Brett, but I guess since all of my girls do then why not Norah also.

Norah actually fits the typical role and personality of a middle child, which is kind of funny since she was a first born.  God designed her to be a middle child, because He knew she would be one. In fact, on many levels I can relate to moms that have 3 children better than adoptive moms, because all of our middle children have the same strong middle child personality.

Our struggles have not been from Norah adjusting or fitting into our family, most of our struggles are from battles of the will, battles of opposite personalities (me & Norah).  These things are normal for any family though, it is just that I have an added "guilt" factor because Norah is adopted.  So my dilemma always is, " I don't want Norah to think she is disciplined more because she is adopted."  I want all my kids to be treated the same, so disobeying or breaking rules always results in discipline at our house no matter what child does it, it is just that Norah does it a whole lot more!! She tests me, she pushes me, she is incredibly intelligent!  She knows how to use words and affection like a pro!

She does a lot of this DSC_0279 and this DSC_0277 when I am having "a chat" with her

The balance of love and disciple is so hard and even harder when you add the adoption factor.  I know that children with strong wills can turn out to be some of the most amazing people, they have a drive and determination, they are brilliant!  I just want to mold Norah in that direction.  One of my good friends was a very strong willed child growing up, and when I see her now I just can't believe it! I would have never known, she is the sweetest,  most caring person and intelligent person I know and loves the Lord with her whole heart!  Knowing this gives me great hope and a great burden.

I know that the Lord created Norah for something very special, something great!  Look at her now, how she has changed our lives for the better, so I know God has a great plan, sometimes I just wonder if he chose the right person to help unfold that plan.



  1. Don't ever doubt why God chose you, Jenn. Norah has the best parents she could, after losing Carissa. And I'm sure she just loves you all so much. I admire all you've done. Keep trusting. God is with you friend!

  2. Peyton (our adopted and youngest) is also VERY strong will and is constantly testing her boundaries, so I know exactly what you mean.

  3. A beautiful sensitive description of Norah, today at this time of her life. Hang in there, Jenni, you are God's gift to your family. He doesn't make mistakes. But all parents need a break and I hope there are people available to give you and Brett some time to yourselves.


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