Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering Carrisa (Continued)

So as many of you might remember, we did something special back in August to remember Carrisa's birthday.  I didn't quite give all the details, but today I will give you some more.

When I was trying to think of a special way to celebrate Carrisa I really thought serving someone else would best fit the occasion, what else would she rather us do, right?  Going to the fire station last year was fun, and kind of a great back up plan, in case I couldn't think of anything else, but not my first choice this year.  So as I went to bed one night I was really thinking/praying about what/who to serve.....hmmmmm

The first thing that came to my mind was a woman I knew of that had recently had a stroke, someone eldery, someone who could maybe use a visitor.  Her life has been turned upside and she can't walk or speak well.  Immediately fear struck my heart, fear as in, " I don't want to do that, visit someone I hardly know with the girls, someone in a wheel chair, who can't speak well, who the girls may not know how to respond to." Really I was just thinking of any excuse because it just sounded to hard and uncomfortable.    And at that moment I realized it is exactly what the Lord wanted me to do, I mean why else would it suddenly be on my heart, and when does He ever give me anything easy and comfortable to do?  And as much as I wanted my initial response to feel a lot more excited, it mostly just seemed scarey.

So I muster up the courage to call the husband of the women who had the stroke and ask if we can just come visit them.  I really didn't have much of a plan, just to call and see.  With excitement he tells me, "why yes, we would love to have you come!"  Few....... phone anxiety is over, now all we have to do is go over there...... and then what?

Oh wait, time out, on the day we had planned to visit them Maya and I were extremely sick and the last thing I wanted to do was to give them whatever illness we had, so I had tot relive my phone anxiety and call them back to say we couldn't come (and I feel so horrible emotionally and physically I really can't stop crying).   I was just really upset that I had gone outside of my comfort zone to try to do something the Lord had put on my heart and then couldn't even do it.

So we rescheduled.  About a week later on we went.  I was so nervous and didn't know what to expect.  I didn't even have a real plan, I just knew we were suppose to go!  Sometimes I feel like my girls can really overwhelm people, especially older people.  They are loud, messy, and busy and I didn't want to be to much for the couple, and this just makes me even more nervous. I packed flowers, cookies, and some coloring the girls did.  I also brought some books for the girls.

When we arrived Norah dropped the cookies all over the drive-way (Great start..sigh) but we were welcomed with open arms.  It was a little awkward at first, I just asked them lots of questions and then they mentioned they had toys, that is all the girls needed to hear to be excited!  So Maya, Norah & Sarah played, and the couple watched.  We even started a movie, but did not have time to finish.  The nice couple told us we could bring it home, on one condition, that we come back to return it.


 I actually thought the girls did great, they didn't break anything, they didn't say anything weird, and they didn't run anyone over.  We didn't do anything to help them, we simply just hung out.

 And we  did go back to return the movie last week and to hang out again.  The girls played, and it was easier this time, it was fun, more relaxing.  I don't know what our exact purpose is other than to visit, show love, and just brighten someones day.

Sarah just LOVES the wheel chair, she wanted to play with it the entire time!



Maya & Norah really go into building and they got him to help too!

And yes, they gave us another movie to watch and come back to return it (I guess that is a good sign?)

 I need a lot of work in the service department.  I often have compassion for people, but do little to ever help them, I just stay inside my bubble of easy.  I often think of ways to serve people and it just stays a thought.  What good is just a thought or a fleeting moment of Compassion?  If I want to instill these values in my girls I must show them!  So thank you mom, for showing me, because I remember Irene, the elderly women you helped, I remember the drug addict moms who would take advantage of your kind heart, I just remember you serving even though it wasn't always fun or comfortable.

So maybe now YOU can try!  Instead of just thinking, go out and do something and then tell me about it, because when I hear encouraging stories it makes me want to go do more!


  1. You are an amazing Mom, Jenni! The girls are blessed to have you, and we are blessed and humbled to read of your joys, sorrows,triumphs and faithful walk with our Lord! Many blessings.

  2. Awesome, just awesome. Trust me, they love the noise and the busy. Often it's very lonely and quiet when you're elderly, forgotten to some extent. They were once 20-some and 30-some years old and had a busy, noisy life. Way to go, Jenni, for being an example to your girls. If you overcome your fears, and they see it, they will be more apt to do the same. Love you!

  3. Love everything about this post, Jenni! You have such a giving, generous heart. Makes me happy to see that you are instilling those things in your girls. It would have been so easy after getting sick, to just cancel. You were obedient to the Lord and I think it blessed both the couple, as well as you. Thanks for sharing (and for posting my blog button)!

  4. and seriously, can your girls get any cuter?!? skirts & leggings? darling! baby sarah is just a doll standing there!!


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