Monday, September 24, 2012

A tale of 2 sisters

Once upon a time there were 2 little girl cousins.  Born just over a year apart from one another, separated by 1,244 miles, and living their lives as the 1st and only children in their families.

Their worlds collided on a few occasions, with much laughter and excitement involved.  Their moms, as sisters, loved watching the two little girl cousins together.  The sisters also loved to relate in the shared joy of having just one little daughter.  Their time together was precious and well spent, although not often enough....

In one heartbeat of a life, that all changed. 
In one instant a sisters life was gone.
In one instant a daughter lost her mother.
In one instant, a family of 3 became a family of 4

The 2 cousins, who were miles apart, were no longer cousins, but sisters, living under the same roof, in the same room.  Both no longer only children, but siblings.  Life had changed.

For who knew that this was what was predestined?  That these 2 were meant to be sisters?  Who knew that the loss of one sister, meant the gain of a sister for someone else?  Who knew that these two were meant to have a kinship like no one else, living as both sisters and cousins?
They play together, they laugh together, they fight together, and they even wear each other clothes.

They need each other.

Who ever knew they weren't meant to be only cousins, because it certainly looks like God planned for them to be sisters.....


and who knew that in one more instant, life would change for them, yet again DSC_0252


  1. I like the part where you said one lost a sister, one gained a sister. Wow.

  2. This made me emotional. Awesome. You really should make a little story book of this. Like a little flip book through snapfish or something. :)


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