Sunday, September 9, 2012

First day Interviews (Pre-K & Preschool)



Maya & Norah have started Preschool!  It is only 2 afternoons a week for 3 hours, so it is pretty short and easy (and the only thing we could afford), but it is school for them non-the-less.  They were just sooo excited, they really couldn't contain themselves!

I have seen the idea for doing interviews with your children all over the interwebs, so I thought I would join in and do an interview each year at the beginning of the school year for my girlies.  It just keeps it more consistent for me, rather than their birthdays which are different times of the year.

I had to separate the girls during the interviewing process otherwise Norah would just copy everything Maya said, and it drives Maya crazy, plus I want Norah to have her own opinions.   What can I say, Norah loves Maya!

Maya's Interview
I love that Maya wants to be an artist and she loves artichokes!!

  Norah's preschool interview
I love that Norah's favorite memory is one that does not exist and that her favorite song is, "Mother knows best" (that's right)

 I did a few other photos from their first day of school. It was a special day.



Norah looks so much like Carrisa in this photo it is Ridiculous!
At school with an apple cupcake (don't worry it was destroyed before the teacher received it)
in class
with one of her cute teachers
Ready to go inside (yes, her cupcake got destroyed as well)
eager to be at school
with her teacher
  My school girls
 maya2 norahschool

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  1. I love this interview idea - I think I'm going to have to do something similar when Wyatt is old enough!


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