Friday, September 28, 2012

Sarah {12 months=1year}

My sweet baby Sarah is no longer a baby, she is a 1 year old!!!  I have just love watching my little girl grow, but I am sad the baby stage is over......

Sarah from the moment you were born you were such a special gift.  I felt instantly bonded to you, my love for you was overwhelming.  You are a symbol of hope and life and you continue to be that way every day.  I often think back to the beginning of my pregnancy, when I was in the ER, sure I was going to lose you, when all that the Dr could say was, we just don't know, there is a %50 chance you will miscarry. Then 8 months later, you were born, the Lord chose you to be part of our lives.
Little did we know how much we would really need you.  Little did we know how much Norah needed a little sister, how much Maya needed to see and experience having a "baby sister" and how much we needed a feeling of hope and happiness in our home.  You brought all of this to us.

I love that Norah has always been a close part of your life, you will never know any different, she is your sister and I have never once thought of Norah as your cousin.

 You are often called, "sweet Sarah." I am not sure who started it, but I have heard it so many times and it truly fits you.  You are my sweet Sarah.

I love watching you, your curiosity, how you are different from your sisters, yet similar in many ways.  You certainly aren't lacking any personality and you know how to stand your ground.  But you also cuddle in my arms and are a momma's girl.

You play well by yourself and LOVE your kitchen.  You pretend to stir things in a pan and play with food often.  Dad has even seen you climb onto a stool and wipe the kitchen counter with a sponge. I am amazed at watching these things, remembering that you are barely 1!

You do a few baby signs: milk, all done, more & eat.  Watching you suddenly pick these up makes me realize how amazing that little mind of yours is, to think that just a year ago you were a little pile.....

You love to play with the remote, and when I catch you holding it, you pretend to hold it out like you were actually just about to give it to me and you make a really cheesy face.  It is one of my favorite things ever!

You aren't walking yet, which is just fine with me.  You have taken a few step here and there, but then you just drop down to your knees and start crawling because that somehow seems so much easier for you.

Some of your favorite things to do are play in the dishwasher, the toilet and the fridge......not really my favorite places for you to play since there are sharp things, germs, and heavy objects.

You play peek-a-boo, you clap and cheer all the time, and you love to the laugh when you hear other people laughing.

I am flooded with memories of this time last year, when you were born, what a special day that was (you can read about Sarah's birth story here)


Here is your 12 month baby progression
6281260350_a4ef6dcf0c_b 6281233630_dbd41ff8db_b 6385451765_e7e5f59cd5_b 6780684406_088763fdb8_b(1) 6753043685_3d06d57eeb_b 6780494330_99498d615a_b 6881630598_fa61f9de3c_b 7114545043_f866c72d2f_b sarah8months2 sarah9 months sarah10months sarah11month sarah12months 

I can't wait to see all the changes that will happen in you this year. I love you Sarah Eileen

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  1. she truly is SO sweet. love the hair progression throughout the 12 months too:)


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