Sunday, September 16, 2012

Post-a-What? Something for free for you, what?

Who loves getting stuff in the mail? I do I do!! Who hardly ever get's fun stuff in the mail? yep, me to. Want to get a freebie?

So, like the rest of the i-phone/blogging world I heart Instagram.  I just love taking photos of my girls ( I am sure you couldn't tell), and instagram is just a great way to capture a special moment of the day and share it with others who follow me on instagram. (jennigoodlin if you want to follow me).  Problem is, not everyone has an i-phone (like my parents... booo).

So have you heard of Postagram?  I did from this blog.  And I LOVE IT!  It is like the internet meeting snail mail, but in a great way!  I can send anyone a postcard of one of my instagram photos for only $.99, that's postage and a photo!  I can hardly print a photo and mail it myself for that cheap, not to mention it is way more convenient than doing all that work, now I might actually mail people things!  It takes about 4 clicks on my phone and done, postcard is on it's way!  It syncs with my iphone contact list, so I don't even have to look up an address.

I just had one sent to my parents, and I sent one to myself as well to check out the quality (I got to us in just 4 days)

The quality is awesome!
You can write a little personal message DSC_0322 

And then the photo punches out nicely DSC_0323 

The message is also on the back side of the photo that punches out.DSC_0325
Love it!

I was so excited about this I was going to write a blog purely from my excitement and then my husband told me that if I refer a friend I get a free postcard and so do you!  So if you click my link and just sign up YOU get a  FREE postcard to send (you don't even have to make a purchase)!!!  and better yet, you give me a free one, so maybe I can mail one to you!  It works with Androids and i-phone. 

I know it's only $.99, but still folks I get excited about free stuff even if it's only a buck!

Here is my link again, so sign up! It's free for you and free for me and so fun for the person who gets the postcard!
The magical link:

Happy Postagraming


  1. This is so cool, I'm going to have to check it out!

  2. Love this! Will check it out this week. Someone had a genius idea! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love this! Josh and I have been looking for a way to send thank you to our supporters. This is great and saves us money!


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