Thursday, May 30, 2013

20 months

20 months is the age Norah was when she came to live with us

20 months is the age Sarah is now

I got this right?

I know this age

Now that I have had Maya & Norah from this age forward it should be a breeze with Sarah or at least a little more familiar

It is, yet it totally isn't
DSC09292 DSC_0150

this experience we have had is unlike any other

I can tell you it is soo soo soo different knowing how to handle a 20 month old when you have had them for the past 20 months

Handling a 20 months old, who you have only seen a handful of times, who lived states away and was completely familiar with a different life, is a different story

it is just harder

you don't know their quirks
DSC09349 DSC_0049

why they say or do certain things

you haven't seen them change and develop, transform from being a baby into a little person

you don't always know what their cry means or what foods they do or don't like

you don't know who their favorite little friend is or was

the only thing you do know for sure is that they need love DSC09483 

and lots of it

Here's to knowing all my children from 20 months on! DSC_0073

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  1. Here! Here! Another sweet blog post filled with love and humility.


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