Tuesday, May 7, 2013

5 months pregnant with little man

Over half way done!  5 months is always the stage where I definitely show, like you stop questioning whether I am getting chubby and start realizing it's a little more like a baby belly. I am pretty sure I look as big right now as I did with Maya full term, not kidding.  I never got that huge with Maya, she was little, and I was early, and now this is my third.  Plus my belly button sticks out so far right now there might as well be another baby in there!  Seriously, I had to put a band-aid on it today because it is out of control!  Baby Sarah even likes to push on my belly button and make a tooting noise, because it does look like a big toot button!

I finally feel good, like no more acid belly at night.  It only took 21 weeks, good thing I haven't ever been pregnant with boys previously because we would have only had one child, being sick that long is no bueno.

As far as food is concerned. I am obsessed with mangos!  All I want to do is eat mangos and drink mango smoothies all day!  I think I could eat a whole mango tree and be good.

Brett has been able to feel the baby move, which is always such a fun stage, it somehow becomes a little more real to someone else and I love that!

It is so strange to think that there is a little baby boy growing in there, hopefully I am doing a good job growing him.

As far as names go we don't have one set yet.  There is one name we both really like but haven't totally agreed yet that that is for sure it.  Brett said we should leave it up to my blog readers and a voting contest to determine the name of our baby  and he was only half joking, so if you have a good name let us know!

Look you can see for yourself the difference between 4 & 5 months, it's huge!


Getting more excited each day to meet this little man.


  1. So cute! Loving your bump <3

  2. One boy name I have always loved is Leighton. Steve likes Theodore.

    I have always liked unique names and since our last name is like the third most common anglo name it just seems to make sense for unique first names. I also like Grayson, Cole and Elliott.

    Are you nervous having your first boy after all those beautiful girls?

  3. I've had three kids ~ and I got bigger quicker with each one! Love the "toot button"...something my kids would totally love!! :)

  4. You'll know the right name either A) right away when you first say it, or B) the first time you look at your baby. :-) For us, we picked out names pretty much as soon as we found out we were pregnant! We just KNEW with both of them.

  5. Love it! You look great! If we had another boy (I wish!!), he would most likely be Isaac James. We also liked Rowan too. Glad you are feeling better!

  6. Your bump is so cute! I'm glad you are starting to feel better too!

  7. We have an Owen, we love that name. He was possibly going to be a Sawyer or Avery. Congrats!! Boys are a lot of fun.


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