Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dreams & thoughts about a boy

Hi everyone

Thank you for all of the wonderful and kind comments about the expected little boy Goodlin :O)  We are very excited!  I can't help but feel excited that Brett will have a little man to take to the father son camping trip someday (those still happen, right?), and that he won't be totally alone in our female house.  He already said that he is going to make a man cave for the 2 of them to get-a-way in when we are being dramatic.  Dramatic? pshhh there is none of that in our house, ever :O)


A few weeks ago, when I was about 17 weeks pregnant I asked the Lord to give me a dream about the baby.  I just said a quick little prayer in my head, "Lord it would be fun to have a dream about the baby in my belly, goodnight."  And that is basically all I said.

That night I did have a dream, and my dad was in it.  He was holding the baby and he said, "but of course it's a boy, there has to be some kind of redemption for all of the males losses in our family."  That is about all I remember in the dream, but it was so vivid and real and I woke up that morning and I knew it was a boy!  I felt so blessed and thankful to have a dream with my father in it, for even just a few seconds, and I loved that he knew about the baby and he was the one to tell me...  How so much meaning and emotion could be wrapped up in a 10 second dream, I have no idea, except for that it was from the Lord.

I only shared this with Brett, and after he heard about my dream he looked at me and said, "Yeah, we probably are having a boy, because having a girl would be way to easy, we know and have everything for a girl already, and nothing is ever easy for us."  haha!

My mom also had a dream it was a boy, and she is always right!

When we had the ultrasound I think my heart was a little more prepared to hear the word "boy" but when our sonographer said "Boy"  I am not gonna lie, my eyes welled up with tears a little and thoughts of my father and the dream the Lord gave overwhelmed me.
Oh Norah, doesn't even care what's going on just in her own little word :O)

Part of me feels a sorry for the little guy, with 3 older sisters (mommies), he is going to be pampered, dresses up, nursed, you name it!  Hopefully it will only make him a great husband someday.

I asked Maya if she thought having a little brother would be any different and she said, "no, it won't be any different........ well, expect for one thing, his pee pee, heheheheh".

Love this girl

Now I am actually going to have to give one of my children a haircut, and he won't get headbands at birth, that is a weird concept! Sorry, we probably won't allow our boy to have long hair or a name that could be slightly female, he is going to have a hard enough time with his identity with 3 older sisters.  So there will be no confusion of the gender, a good solid boy name, with good solid boy haircuts!

And there was a part of me that felt so sad, that Sarah wouldn't be my baby anymore... but when I came home from the ultrasound I squeezed her and said, "you will always be my baby girl"


  1. I always seem to end with tears in my eyes. You should compile all these into a book, Id but it!! Or just write a book from your heart. You and Your Family are so Inspiring and have been to me for years. I am so Happy for you all!!!

  2. Wow! I love this post. I love that Norah is doing her own thing. I love what Maya said about the pee pee. I love that Sarah will always be your baby girl...BUT I especially love the dream you had about your dad! Wow!

  3. The dream made me cry. I love the whole redemption thing. I'm a big believer in God speaking through dreams. The fact that it was your dad holding the baby is just...a gift. I wonder if this little guy will be the old soul type that has the eyes of several wonderful men in your lives watching out for him, or if he'll be living life so fully in every moment b/c he has a sense for the briefness of life.

    Nathan means gift of God, but I guess you have quite a few male names to pass on too.

  4. how very special this is in so many ways. a boy; your dad coming to you through a dream; a daddy getting a son. so happy for you all.

  5. Wow, I got goosebumps reading about your dream! That is such a blessing and special memory. Congrats again- a little boy is perfect for your family :)

  6. That story about your dream was awesome. I love when God gives us those little gifts (:

  7. Oh my lanta! SO exciting!!! So happy for you!! When pregnant with my first, I wanted a girl so bad and got my baby girl. I love all three of my girl to pieces but I also love having a son. It's a different connection, I can't explain it. Being a mom to both is so grand. So excited you get to experience both too!

  8. I love that you shared your dream with us. I love that your little boy will continue the legacy your dad left. How precious to know God allowed you to know your dad knows your son! What a mighty God we serve.

  9. Jenni, thanks for sharing. Choked up over your dream. The Lord is so sweet!!! It wasn't even my dream, and I feel so blessed just hearing about it. I am excited to follow along as this next chapter of your life unfolds with baby boy. I hope any adjustments are much easier than you anticipate! :)


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