Sunday, May 19, 2013

Norah & Sarah's room

I am taking it one room at a time.  
This whole moving thing can be overwhelming when it comes to redecorating, so I just started by painting one room and slowly finishing it.   Maya has her own room now, but Norah & Sarah share, changing it up a bit!   The transition has been good and the alone time for Maya has been helpful and healthy for her.

We started our first painting project in Norah & Sarah's room.  I loved the theme of the room Maya & Norah had before and didn't want to buy everything new, but I also didn't want it to look exactly
 the same.  Here is their room in our old townhouse.  You can also look here for more photos

So all we did to decorate their room in the new house was buy a different color paint, some chair rail, and an organizer.  Everything else we used for the room was already in the previous room and was just re-used or re-purposed to save $$$.

Introducing Norah & Sarah's room!
We used a blueish/teal paint that we actually matched with one of the colors on the bed spread & then white chair rail (it was only about $30 for the chair rail and it was pre-painted)
reading nook.  Same ikea spice shelves I had in the previous room, just spray painted them pink. 

I used a storage cubbie flipped on its side so the girls could sit there and it could still be used for storage. 
Letters from their old rooms, that is still the "N" that mommy Carrisa made for Norah, will always treasure it!
lots of books!
I used an old mirror frame , spray painted it, and then used fabric that was originally for a window cover in the room. behind the fabric is foam board from hobby lobby.

The Jacket Hook is from hobby lobby, just spray painted pink
the little lion stuffed bag is mine from when I was little.  It holds clothes for a short overnight trip.  I still love it!

storage from target
lamp and all other bedding from target
can you believe tiny Sarah sleeps in this bed? me neither, every night I smile and giggle at how cute she is in there!
 And the 2 cuties that belong to this room
And Sarah!
 And you want to know something funny?  Lately people have been saying how much Norah & Sarah look alike and they think Maya is adopted. Funny how that works out

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