Sunday, May 5, 2013

every once in a while

Just every once in a while, I get a picture of Norah. One that captures her beauty, one the shows her in moments that are rare, one that reflects the heart God has given her. She can be crazy, wiggly, silly and unruly, all the things that come with being 3, but then there are times I see her stick up for her little sister, share a snack, help me clean up, give a me huge lovely hug, comfort me when I don't feel good, or maybe just smile for a photo. norah1

 The girls have been in dance all year, a ballet class. I put them in together, and watching them side by side is quite an experience. Their recital is coming up and these photos are from their picture day.



  I love that my girls love to dance, it is something we do every day! Although, I have learned that
ballet might not quite be their thing


 Maya, she should be a hip hop dance maya3j

and Norah, well.... maybe a tumbler :O)
  norah2 \

Whatever they want to do or be is fine with me :O) Although, I am slightly hoping that Norah will be a hair stylist, so I can forever get my hair done for free and it wouldn't be bad if Maya was a personal chef, oh and Sarah, she can be my personal organizer and I am totally set DSC_0050


  1. this is an adorable post. i would have to admit as well that one of mine becoming a personal chef would be amazing as i am not so great in the kitchen. here's hoping : )

  2. She is so pretty - look at those eyes!


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