Monday, February 7, 2011

The Girls Room

Since Maya and Norah are so close in age I thought it would be good for them to share a room.  In some ways it may help with the transition for Norah, like she may not feel so alone because Maya will be in the same room as her, and she also gets a big girl bed just like Maya.  In others ways it could be a challenge, I can picture the girls up late giggling together, or one crying in the middle of the night and waking the other up, we will just have to get used to it!

It was kind of sad taking down all of Maya's baby stuff.  I mean, this was our first baby room, and it was filled with memories, so it was hard taking it all down.....

Maya's room before

After we took everything out

Maya & Norah's room

The beds we bought are actually bunk beds, but because of the girls age, we thought it would be safer to have them as single twin beds for now.  I got the Owl/Nature bed set from target, super cute (all of Norah's bedding came as a gift)!  I tried to incorporate the same colors that were already in Maya's room, pink and brown and just add a few more colors.  I made the "Maya" name on the wall, and "Norah" was actually made by Carrisa.  I took it from Norah's room in California.  I thought it would be so special for her to have something in her new room her mommy made.

I did keep a few things the same, like this sign

and these picture frames.  I just changed the photos inside.
Left: Maya.  Middle:  Mommy, Maya, Norah.  Right: Norah

My friend Celine made these super cute pillows!  Don't you just love them!?!?

It was fun putting the room together, we are excited for Norah to enjoy it.  Maya already is!


  1. The room came together so well! The girls are going to have so many wonderful memories growing up together like sisters. I admire you guys for what you are doing for Norah.

  2. Those are Super cute pillows! Love the room! So many personal, significant, special touches! They will have so much fun together in that space!

  3. OHHH MYYY GOSSHHH! I LOVE IT ALL!!!!!!!!! :) Jenni, it's sooo cute! I can't believe how much Maya's old room reminds me of Norah's old room. Their beds look so cute together with their names above them. If we have a girl, I NEED a mini kitchen. :) I love the pillows your friend made. I can't wait to visit you guys sometime this year. Wheee! :)

  4. what a sweet little girls room!! so glad the pillows work...thankfully you can't see how messy the sewing is in the pics! teehee:)

  5. Really beautiful what you all are doing to welcome Norah and make her feel like a much loved new member of your family! The room is completely adorable, is just perfect Jenni, she will love it just like Maya does! Travis, Ella, Chloe and I cannot wait to meet her! Ella is so excited too to be getting an instant "big girl" new cousin!! Those pillows are so amazing, what talent among you and your girlfriends!! The girls will have so much fun sharing a room, great idea!!

  6. I am glad you shared the before and after pictures. Very nice, Jenni and Brett. There will be bumps and adjustment, but this seems to be God's leading. Many prayers for all of you. Love.

  7. jenni, their room is so adorable! i've seen that bedding at target and i just love it! the names on the wall, the pictures, the pillows...everything is perfect. you are a beyond-wonderful mama!

  8. What a sweet room. Those pillows are darling! I am sure the girls will love sharing the space.

  9. How super cool and special!!!

    And does your friend Celine sell those pillows? Because I have a friend due with a baby girl in May and she would LOVE those.

  10. Dear Jenni and Brett,

    EVERYTHING is beautiful. I don't think I have the words now except to say that this is all God and completely exceptional in every way.I don't know the why...but I know He cares and gave you both wonderful, loving hearts. Each touch in the room is sweet and the pillows are a great touch. You've done a terrific job to start this new chapter.
    May God continue to be with you all as you and the girls adjust. Praying always...

    Love and blessings,

    Your Cousin Fran


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