Sunday, February 20, 2011

ups and downs

We have had some really fun moments this week (photed above)  and some really yucky moments (no photos of that).  The weather his has been beautiful, so we have tried to spend a lot of time outside, except for the days where we were throwing up.......

This post is going to be A LOT of photos, so be prepared!!  I work 3 days a week, Monday, Tuesday, & Thursdays (the girls go to an in-home daycare) the other days I have off.  On Wednesday I typically try to do something fun with the girls, the park, focus on the family, chic-fil-a, craft time, just something for the girls without me being busy.  Fridays I try to reserve for workouts, shopping, and other errands (the girls come with).

This Wednesday we took the girl to Focus on the Family, one of Maya's favorite places!  It is so fun, there is a kids area called "Whit's End" and it is a blast for kids and doesn't cost a penny!

After Focus my mom and I had to go to the Social Security Office.  Ed was left home to watch the girls during nap time, not so hard.   Well, not so hard if they were actually napping.  Instead, the girl were destroying their room with diapers (clean and dirty), wipes, toys, cheerios, crushed crackers, papers and anything else you can think of.   Not only that, but they both had diarrhea (sorry Ed).  It was pretty funny......... we all spent a while cleaning the room.  We had a few major meltdowns on Wendesday since the girls didn't take a nap, so my mom and I took them on a walk.

It was kinda windy

Saturday most of us were back to feeling better (minus Ed, he probably caught it from having to change the diarrhea diapers).  Brett and I just wanted to get the girls out and give Ed a little rest so we took them to a park with a little duck pond and had a picnic.

 The girls L.O.V.E.D feeding the ducks!

Time to Eat!

one of my favs, Norah in Motion

We tried a family photo
It was such a fun day, and the girls both took a 3 hour nap afterwards!  Since they slept so long we decided to do one of our family traditions with Norah, "Family Movie Night."  We do this about once a month.   We blow up and air mattress, put lots of blankets and pillows, pop pop-corn and watch a family movie.  It is one of Maya's favorite things to do!

we made grammy join us

Sometimes Brett and I just look at each other in disbelief, that this is our life all of a sudden.  It has not been all easy, but it is the moments, like the ones you see photoed here, that help us get through!


  1. I love your blog page. It keeps us back home updated and connected. Could you tell me what size they wear. Having a third grandson on the way Im thinking I might have to buy something girly once in a while. I was at costco and the big sister little sister jammies were calling my name. Dale cracked up and said " oh dont have girls" and I said "im thinking Norah and Maya need these" ....I didnt know their sizes but it was sure tempting!...

  2. Loving watching your family develop!

  3. All families have it's ups and downs, you guys sure look like a family to me!


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