Sunday, February 27, 2011

On our Own

We had to say Goodbye to my parents on Wednesday.  It was bittersweet, we L.O.V.E.D. seeing them, and having all of their support and help, I mean you can't go wrong with dinner cooked every night (thanks mom!).  But we were excited to get our routine going, to see what life would be like with the four of us.  When we dropped my parents off at the airport, Maya said with excitement, "Norah is staying with us?"  Love her!  I was in the car by myself for 1.5 hours with the girls and they did great ( I did have an assortment of snacks ready to go, which helped tremendously!)

I took some extra time off work, just so I could be with Norah more, for more bonding time.  It has been a nice 5 days off, busy and exhausting, but very good.  Norah is doing great!  She loves Maya and copies her with everything.  Norah is so busy, all over the place and she loves to eat!  When she wants me to hold her she says, "hold it."  She is like a little parrot and repeats the last word of every phrase we say.  Norah also loves to give hugs and kisses with her mouth wide open.  I love hugs and cuddles from little girls, they are my favorite! Maya is doing better this week also, she is not so emotional.  She protects Norah when she feels like Norah isn't safe.  She calls her, "Nory," and yesterday she undressed Norah and attempted to change her diaper...... yeah that wasn't to successful.

We have had some friends over to play, we have done some cooking, and enjoyed a shopping trip to Target (enjoyed might not be the right word).

playing with Jackson

Ian and Emily came over and we did a marshmallow activity with toothpicks, it was fun, but Norah and Ian only ate the marshmallows

I decided to try to make some cookies with the girls..... I had to keep it simple for the first attempt at cooking with 2 toddlers, so we did box brownies.

I see that!

 After I let the girls have sneak peak of the brownie mix with their fingers Norah wouldn't stop talking about it all afternoon!  She kept saying, "finger, please, patience, brownie"  I did give in, at least once, it was too cute!
*side note, when Norah is asking for something and saying "Please," we have been telling her to have patience, and now she says, "please, patience," every time she wants something.

Maya's favorite friend Taysen also came over and we read to the girls before bed time, so cute!

My Favorite Photo of the Week, Norah, doing Down Dog.


  1. Oh Jenni, making brownies with two little ones, you are very ambitious. You have wonderful courage! God bless you this week.

  2. You can bring them up to see the horses ANYTIME!
    God,Jesus, & your heavenly family are all smiling down on you guys!

  3. You guys are doing such a wonderful job, Jenni! These pictures remind me so much of the ones of Trevor when he is little, and also of the ones Carrisa showed me when she was little. Norah and Maya are such blessed little girls - thank you so much.


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