Sunday, February 13, 2011

Norah is Here!

Norah arrived with my parents on Wednesday!  It has been busy, fun, new, and challenging at times.  It doesn't seem too crazy yet, mainly because my parents are here helping with everything.  Our routine is definitely off though, something that will take a little time to adjust too.

It has been weird and hard for me to want Norah to call me mommy. I mean I want her to, I just still really feel like Carrisa is her mommy and I feel like I am taking something away from Carrisa by allowing Norah to call me mommy.  It is a strange feeling, it has been so sweet the few times Norah has looked at me and called me mommy, but so sad at the same time.....  I just miss my sister

Maya has loved having Norah here!  She introduces her as her "best sister,"  hugs and kisses her, comforts her when she is crying, and rips toys out of her hands (not the most loving gesture).  We have already had some sweet moments.  
The girls first bath at home together

The girls first night of going to bed in the same room

The girls first time swimming together

Norah meeting our kitty "Mew Mew"
Craft time with the girls

Norah having a ride in the chair and visiting me at work

I found that Norah is pretty domestic like Maya.  Maya loves to fold laundry (she says that Jesus taught her) and Norah loves to vacuum!  I love having children who like chores!

Maya and Norah, just being sisters!

Norah has a little bump on her toe and Maya is Very concerned about it!  She keeps asking us what it is, and she wants to show it to us over and over, and she insists the we pray for it.  She calls it "Norah's sore toe."  It quite the topic at our house.

We tried a picture of us three

I do feel exhausted after only 4 days!  Norah still wants to go to "Grammie" for the most part, which we expected, it will just take some time.   We keep trying to refer to Brett as daddy, but Norah just points to him and says, "Brett."   Maya has been a little more sensitive and emotional than usual, so the house seems to be filled with drama. There will be many more challenges ahead, we are just praying for God's grace to get us through........


  1. I LOVVVVE the bedtime pictures. SO SWEET! Thank you for sharing this experience with us through your blog. LOVE you all LOTS AND LOTS!!!!!!!!! :) Give Nory a Valentines smooch from me tomorrow :)

  2. It is going to be tough, no getting around it. We are all praying for you, you and Brett can do this because God is leading. Thank you Jenni for sharing. Love the pictures.

  3. It'll definitely take time, but day by day you guys will find a little more of your rhythm, and you'll grow into such a special family. :-)

    So happy Norah is with you, and keeping you all in my prayers!

  4. I love reading this. My heart misses Carrisa, but my heart is happy for Norah that you were Carrisa's sister. I can't wait to read more...


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