Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

Yesterday daddy and Maya had a very special day, they got to go to the "Daddy Daughter Dance" together.  We want Maya and Norah to feel like they get special time alone with each of us, so this was Maya's special time with Daddy.

It was fun getting to spend sometime with Norah.  We went to Costco together, and it was great!  She is so easy to take to the store I almost felt like I was by myself!  I didn't get any photos of us together, but I snapped a cute one of Norah right before we left
For us Valentines Day is about "Family Love"  My birthday is so close to Valentines days that we wanted to make it a little different and special.  Brett got the girls cards from him, with a special note and stickers.  We also put together little baskets with Valentines goodies.

Both of the girls got Valentines day zip up hoodies

Excited about opening Valentines treats!

 Norah trying on her new ballet slippers

We do lots of dancing in our home, it is a daily thing.  So of course Valetines day would not be complete with out Poppy dancing with the girls

Yami and Papa also stopped by to give the girls a book

Happy Valentines Day


  1. These photos are a lovely glimpse into the Day of Love. Especially like the last one with the four of you, but the one with Ed and the two girls is precious also. Then again I can see so much love in Brett's eyes for his darling Maya. Well done Jenni and Laurie.

  2. What sweet memories to make of your first v-day all together! I love the dancing especially. :)

  3. How fun, looks like you guys are all adjusting so well!

  4. wow. what a special day for you all!


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